7 Easy Ways to Detox Every Day for More Energy and Vibrant Skin

The body naturally and continuously releases its toxins by itself. Leaving all the work of detoxification to the body is a wasteful choice when you can act as if were you some sort of a god and perform a divine intervention to aid your own body through this natural process. Below are seven ways that will introduce themselves to your life and hope that you will put them to good use to improve your body’s normal detox system.

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1. Avoid using plastic materials for drinking and cooking. When heated, the harmful chemicals that make up this unstable compound will leech into your drink, or food. Substitute ceramic or glass for cooking instead of plastic materials, and stainless steel bottles for drinking.

2. The skin easily absorbs toxic chemical ingredients that are found in skincare products. Once absorbed, the liver’s work of eliminating the chemicals from your body is hardened, and usual exposure to these toxic chemicals is linked to dangerous health conditions. Moreover, the chemicals and toxins will remain in the body because it blocks the detox pathways. They are then transformed into fat cells, which cause wrinkles, acne, rashes, and have an effect on weight loss. Start using skincare products that are non-toxic.

3. There is a detoxification method rarely mentioned: infrared sauna. Fifteen minutes of infrared sauna a day assists the body from removing toxins from the skin through sweat. The infrared rays produce an identical energy to that of the sun’s, which will give you extra benefits such as improved blood circulation, increase in metabolism, and cellular cleanse.

4. A calming and relaxing Epsom Salt bath assists the body to draw the toxins out. Epsom salt, otherwise called magnesium sulphate, is also good in relaxing the nervous system. If you’re having an Epsom Salt bath before bedtime, add lavender essential oils to the bath to have a good sleep.

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5. Before taking a bath every day, brush your body lightly in circular motion on the way to your heart with a natural fiber brush for two minutes to get rid of dead skin cells.

6. When the body sweats, toxins are released. When we move and exercise regularly, we sweat. You end up with double victory: you have successfully removed toxins, and increased the metabolic activity of your body.

7. Water filtered with chlorine and heavy metals are not only for drinking, but also must be used for cooking and showering as well as much as possible.

Look at you, what are you waiting for? Get started!

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