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7 Effective Drinks that Burn Fats

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If you take losing weight very seriously, it’s likely for you to try anything and everything to see noticeable results in no time. Luckily, nutritionists and fitness experts are constantly coming up with tips and tricks that keep weight-watchers enthused to strive hard to reach their goals. Below you can find 7 types of beverages that can help you burn stubborn fat effectively.

Ice-Cold Water

Your body constantly keeps your temperature within the normal range. Each time you down a glass of ice-cold water, it works harder just to maintain an ideal temperature. This causes your metabolic rate to increase and, much to the delight of a weight-watcher like you, burn extra calories and fat.

Green Tea

There are a handful of reasons why drinking 3 to 5 piping-hot cups of green tea daily can help you zap fat faster. It contains antioxidants that offer superb weight loss benefits. Green tea has caffeine which accelerates your metabolism and gives you the energy you need to exercise. Also, its diuretic effect helps your body get rid of excess water that makes you bloated.


Just like green tea, caffeine in every serving of coffee helps speed up your metabolism. Researches have also shown that drinking coffee before you hit the gym gives you the staying power you need to work out longer and more effectively.

Whet Protein

It isn’t really surprising why the consumption of whey protein helps you burn fat better. Just like any other type of protein, whey requires a more rigorous digestion, causing the body to work harder and speed up the metabolic rate. Whey also helps build lean muscles. Muscles consume calories and fat all the time to maintain themselves, even while you’re at rest!

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Fat-Free Milk

Naturally, you want to steer clear of whole milk as you are trying to attain the figure of your dreams. Gulping down fat-free milk helps you slim down due to the obvious fact that it is devoid of fat. Additionally, calcium in fat-free milk is said to help you burn fat better because it suppresses the body’s production of calcitrol, a hormone that slows down fat cell metabolism.

Yogurt-Based Smoothies

Just like fat-free milk, calcium in yogurt-based smoothies helps enhance the metabolism of fat cells by suppressing the production of the hormone calcitrol. Additionally, these beverages also help make you feel full due to their thick consistency.

Vegetable Juice

It doesn’t come as a surprise why the consumption of vegetable juice before having a meal helps you shed off pounds more effectively. The beverage is loaded with fiber that makes you feel full right away, thus making you eat less food. Because of this, you are consuming fewer calories, prompting your body to turn fat cells into fuel.

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