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7 Foods That are Secretly Damaging Your Teeth

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We all know that sugary foods are bad for your pearly whites because they encourage the production of bacteria and eventually plaque. Did you know that there are other foods out there that are seemingly friendly to your teeth but they’re not? Continue reading to know 7 of these secret tooth-wreckers!


  1. Pickled Foods

We all know that vinegar is highly acidic, and plenty of this sour liquid can be found in pickled foods. Vinegar’s acidity can soften the enamel, which is the protective outer covering of your choppers, making them prone to being eroded. After consuming pickled foods, rinse your mouth with water and refrain from brushing your teeth for at least an hour.


  1. Apples

Everyone is well-aware that you can keep the doctor away by having an apple a day. But did you know that it’s something that can damage your smile, too? The acidity of these juicy and crunchy fruits makes that happen. Again, do rinse your mouth with water after consuming apples, and wait for a while before you reach for your toothbrush.


  1. Diet Soda

Your favorite diet soda contains absolutely no sugar, so why is it considered bad for your teeth? Well, do take note that diet soda is just as highly acidic as regular soda, so it’s definitely one of worst enemies of your pearly whites. Besides, experts say that diet soda is not only bad for your teeth, but also your waistline.

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  1. Peanut Butter

You can consider peanut butter a total smile-smasher for a couple of reasons. First, it is loaded with sugar that promotes bacterial growth and plaque buildup. Second, peanut butter’s sheer stickiness gives those microbes plenty of time to multiply in your mouth. In order to keep your smile intact, consider opting for peanut butter that is sugar-free.


  1. Bread

Lots of sugar can be found most especially in breads that are out of processed flour, so you can be certain that not cleaning your mouth after consuming these baked treats can harm your pearly whites. Also, they get really sticky when mixed with your saliva, making it easier for their sugar content to bring havoc to your teeth.


  1. Popcorn

Since it is notorious for getting stuck in between your teeth thus promoting the proliferation of bacteria in those hard-to-reach places, popcorn can actually harm your smile. Especially if you love munching on popcorn that is glazed with the likes of caramel and chocolate, the snack’s teeth-wrecking ability is multiplied.

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  1. Throat Lozenges

A lot of throat lozenges on the market taste great because they pack lots of sugar. The fact that these hard candies for your upper respiratory tract tend to stay in your mouth for a long time makes them complete smile saboteurs! So the next time you’re shopping for some throat lozenges, look for those that are free of any sugar.

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