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7 Good Reasons to Start Drinking Alkaline Water

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Are you really reaping all the benefits of drinking water?

A lot of health gurus believe that the key to longevity and good health is via the elimination of the body’s waste products. Alkalinized water can be loaded with alkaline minerals but remember that the pH level of water varies depending on the source. Examples of alkaline minerals such as potassium, sodium, calcium, magnesium, nickel, zinc and manganese can all help in making your body’s pH level increase, making it more alkaline, thus aiding in the removal of toxic wastes from your system. There are a lot of studies that can prove how pH levels in the body can influence a person’s health and how low pH levels (acidic) can lead to a number of chronic illnesses.
pH is referred to as the “power of Hydrogen”. It measures the number of hydrogen ions in the body and ranges from 1-14, 7.4 being the ideal pH of the body. Anything lower than 7.4 is considered acidic. And the higher the pH value goes, the more alkaline the system gets. If your pH levels get too acidic, you’ll be more prone to ailments like colds and flu, and you’ll easily get fatigued and such. Therefore, turning your system more alkaline can benefit you lots. Below are some good reasons why drinking alkaline water can benefit you heaps:

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1. It will improve your cardiac circulation.
Since acidity is one of the known causes of heart disease, going alkaline is a nice way to counter that scenario.

2. It has antioxidant properties.
Antioxidants fight off the harmful free radicals—compounds that are responsible for premature aging.

3. Improves respiratory circulation.

4. It helps clean your colon and aids in digestion.
Lack of alkaline minerals in the body may put a strain the pancreas. The pancreas is the one responsible for the production of digestive enzymes, and without enough bicarbonate ions, which are alkaline, the pancreas will have a hard time combating the bile that the stomach is producing, which by the way is highly acidic.

5. Alkalinized water improves your physical appearance.
Water rejuvenates the system and works great in giving you soft and smooth skin which contributes to your appearance and general well-being.

6. It boosts the immune system
Your immune system is your shield against anything harmful that attacks your system, and acidic environments can put a dent on that shield.

7. It helps your kidneys and urinary tract.
The kidneys are the ones responsible for processing all the liquids that goes through the urinary tract. Consuming alkaline drinks can balance the fluids that pass through the kidneys and aids in keeping your bloodstream devoid of irregular deposits.

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