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7 Makeup Tips For Corporate Ladies

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Selecting the right makeup for a professional work poses challenge among working women. It seems difficult to gauge how little or how much makeup is acceptable for professional setting. Indeed, wearing makeup is as important as dressing up for work. It is imperative to look good and presentable because the way you look makes a huge difference in making or breaking a job opportunity or success at work.

Here are 5 tips to help you do the right makeup at the workplace

  1. Consider yourself and the way you live. Despite the fact that studies have shown women who wear makeup at work are often perceived as more competent and likable, there are still high-powered women who do not wear makeup at work. You have to understand how you feel about putting on makeup. Are you a beginner? Are you the person who feels confident about your appearance? No matter what, do what feels best and what you feel comfortable doing.

By the way, do not forget your hair. Wear your hair nice and neat. A simple hairstyle gives an impression of loyalty towards the workplace.  Equally stylish yet professional hairstyles are ponytail, flat-ironed chignons as well as half up and half down hairstyle.

  1. Be natural. In the workplace, the neutral and natural looking makeup is considered more professional looking. Use the shades of brown, taupe, nude, light pinks and soft peaches on the cheeks, lips and lids and a mascara shade that matches your natural lashes. Other colors can be your option as long as the shades are light and complementary. Make low contrast when applying work appropriate makeup so the entire face looks well-blended and balanced.
  1. Know which part to accentuate. Doing your own makeup is not an easy feat. Look at the mirror and see which part of your face that needs to be highlighted. Keep in mind that your makeup should be subtle yet long lasting to prevent you from re-touching your look from time to time especially if you are loaded with meetings here and there.
  1. Keep your makeup’s staying power. To make your professional look last longer, choose makeup that stays. An eye primer helps your shadows to last long and waterproof mascara is a must. Try dusting your finished face with transparent powder to set your makeup and wear a long-lasing lip color.
  1. Identify what kind of professional setting you are in. It is important to keep your makeup setting appropriate. Is your professional environment the conservative one, business casual, or casual? If you are in the last category, you do not need to worry about the kind of makeup to put on. Observe those respected individuals at the workplace and see what kind of makeup they wear on a daily basis.
  1. Gather all your supplies. When you are decided with what you will wear, you have to check what you already have and what you will need. The average working woman needs foundation, neutral eyeshadow, mascara and lipstick. If you are a more experienced in applying makeup, you may add a few products on.
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If you are a newbie to makeup, visit a makeup store or a department store and get some help. Makeup artists and consultants inside the store will help you choose the appropriate color for your skin tone and which facial feature to highlight. It is better to get the right shades and complementary colors for your skin and feature to improve your natural beauty and to prevent looking a clown.

  1. Prepare them the night before. Prepare your office appropriate look the night before so you won’t spend too much time planning what to wear and how to match your makeup. This will lessen your morning stress and save more time to do other things.

Also, take out your makeup necessities (foundation, eyeshadow, lipstick, blush-on, mascara) and put them near the sink or the mirror side area of your bedroom. That way you won’t have to rummage through your drawers to find a particular item or color so you can still go to work on time.

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