7 Poop Myths You Should Dump

Pooping — everyone on the planet is doing it but most people don’t feel at ease talking about it. When was the last time it’s the topic discussed at a PTA meeting, date in a bar or even in your doctor’s office? Probably never! It is exactly because of this why there must be some poop-related matters that you believe in that are actually untruths.

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So brace yourself and get ready to flush down some lies. Below are a few common poop myths that many may find hard to shake off. Read on to get rid of your some crappy beliefs!

Myth #1: You Should Poop at Least Once Daily

Since everyone is different, the frequency of going to the toilet to poop varies. You may move your bowels up to 3 times a day or only once every 3 days and still be regarded as a healthy individual. What matters is what’s normal for you — for as long as your pooping habits do not interfere with your normal living, you’re golden.

Myth #2: Your Poop Should be in the Perfect Consistency

If there’s no such thing as the perfect number of bowel movements, then the perfect poop also does not exist. Did you know that the so-called Bristol Stool Scale says that anything from pellet-like to liquid is considered as normal? The only time for you to be alarmed is if your poop is ribbon-like or you are straining on the toiled each time.

Myth #3: Normal Poop Comes in Brown

Before you panic, look back on what you ate yesterday. It’s possible for the unusual color of your poop to be due to, say beets, cherries or something else that comes with food coloring. Otherwise, let your doctor know about it as there could be something wrong, like there’s bleeding somewhere in the gut or a blockage in the bile duct.

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Myth #4: You Should Not Hold in Your Poop

Certainly, you have to find the perfect place and time for your pooping needs. Until you come across them, it’s not harmful in any way to hold in your poop. However, a problem may strike if you habitually hold it in for extended periods of time because it may eventually lead to constipation or issues with the muscles employed for moving the bowels.

Myth #5: Bad Smelling Poop is a Sign of a Problem

There is no denying that pop smells bad. Although it is possible for yours to smell a less little bad by eating more fruits and vegetables, say the experts. It’s for the same reason why herbivore animals have feces that do not smell as bad as those of carnivores. However, there might be a digestive problem if your poop’s smell suddenly went from bad to terrible.

Myth #6: Poop Should Always Sink

It is normal for your poop to float once in a while, such as when you consumed something that causes a lot of gas to be produced in your gut. But experts say that you should get in touch with your doctor if your poop floats all the time because it may indicate that you have a problem with absorbing oil and fat properly.

Myth #7: It Should Take a While for You to Finish Pooping

Most of the time, it’s your toilet habit that makes it seem like pooping is a ritual that normally takes a long time to complete — reading the latest issue of your favorite fashion magazine or going head-to-head with clans in real time on your cell phone. Perhaps you should dump that habit as it may put you at risk of hemorrhoids, some studies suggest.

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