7 Reasons for Breast Pain

Breast pain can cause many women to worry, since breast pain is associated to breast cancer. Do not worry though breast pain can come from different factors. Evaluate your breast pain and actually distinguish the cause of the pain and ease your worries.

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Reasons for Breast Pain:

– It is normal to have breast pain during our menstrual cycle, even a week before menstruation. Some women have reported to feel pain in their breast a week before or a week after menstruation. This is because of the sensitivity and inflammation of the breast during the cycle. The hormonal changes during period can cause the pain.

– Women who are lactating can have breast pain, whether they choose to breastfeed or not. If your condition worsens or the pain is too intense talk to your doctor. These can be a sign of mastitis.

– Mastitis happens when blockage of the milk ducts causes inflammation in the breast. Build up or blockage is caused by an infection in the breast. Symptoms of Mastitis are breast pain, fever and reddening of the breast area.

– One of the first indications of pregnancy is breast pain. Due to the hormonal changes women experience sensitivity. The pain is more pronounced during the first trimester of pregnancy.

Cysts in the Breasts
– Benign cysts can cause discomfort and pain in the breast. If you feel some bumps or lumps on your breast talk to a doctor and get a mammogram to determine the treatment needed to remove the cyst.

Breast Abscesses
– It is an infection caused by the accumulations of pus in the mammary tissue. This infection can cause breast pain. If you feel soft bulges in the breast, these may be abscesses. You can get this infection by bacteria entering the nipples or issues with breastfeeding. Talk to your doctor about this and get tested.

Breast Cancer
– Breast pain is one of the symptoms of breast cancer that take a long to appear in the body. If you experience any abnormalities do a self-breast check or go to a medical professional.

Prevent and treat breast pain by eating healthy, wearing the correct bra size, preventing hormonal imbalances and using home remedies like vinegar and water lemon juice.

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