7 Simple Energy Boosting Tips to Brighten Your Day

Today’s post offers you 7 “Energy Boosting” Tips you can use to instantly brighten your day, especially when you feel tired, stressed and zapped. They will boost your energy and help you regain a sense of calm and inner peace, even in the midst of your hectic day.

Take your time and enjoy weaving these tips into your day!

Energy Boosting Tip #1 Sip water throughout your day.

A simple way to hydrate and energise your body from the morning, is to start the day with a warm cup of water mixed with the juice of half a fresh lemon instead of your usual coffee or cup of tea. And a special tip, add a few slices of the rest of the lemon to a bottle of water and instead of reaching for your usual fizzy high sugar drink, sip your bottled lemon water throughout your day.

Energy Booster #2 Improve and Maintain Your Flexibility.

Find a physical activity you enjoy, for example, swimming, yoga, walking and have fun as you play!

Energy Boosting Tip #3 Be gentle with yourself when things don’t go the way you planned.

Learn to develop an open mind. Remind yourself you are doing your best and that you human. You can only do so much in a day. Hold your long term vision in sight, be open minded, tolerant and flexible in your attitude as you take regular action steps towards achieving your heart’s desire.

Energy Boosting Tip #4 Regain your inner sparkle and radiance.

Have you seen a child run, jump and SPLASH! up and down in a puddle only to be dragged away by his parent and told stop messing around and told off for getting his feet wet?

Well, just for today, be like the child splashing in the puddle, get your feet wet. Give yourself permission to act child-like and enjoy the look of astonishment on your family and colleague’s face!

Have energy throughout the day

Energy Boosting Tip #5 Stimulate, balance and energise your body as soon as you wake up.

If you have trouble waking up and struggle to have enough energy to brush your teeth let alone think about how you are going to get through the rest of the day; take a few minutes to practice a few simple yoga breathing exercises or yoga stretches when you wake up. This will help to sweep the cobwebs from your mind and ease minor aches and pains from your body. Once you feel a bit more energetic it is easier for you to be positive and ready for your day.

Energy Boosting Tip #6 Eat foods which nurture, nourish and sustain your energy.

If you are looking for a way to reduce stress and naturally boost your energy ensure your diet is nutrient dense, rich in quality protein and snack on low glycaemia foods, e.g oatcakes, brazil and walnuts, to prevent blood sugar imbalances and loss of energy and motivation.

Supplement your diet with good quality organic nutritional supplements, especially magnesium, vitamin C and B vitamins. Magnesium is known as the “calming mineral” and can be found in dark leafy greens, seeds and nuts.

Energy Boosting Tip #7 Take more Me-Time-Breaks during your day

Instead of grabbing a take-away or sandwich and sitting at your desk eating whilst scanning your emails or checking your facebook updates, make a conscious effort to go out and sit somewhere quiet for ten minutes away from your desk. If you can go outside for a brisk two minute walk down your local high street or sit in a green open space, that’s an ideal antidote to raise your energy levels and feel better about yourself.

Closing Thoughts And Action

As you know, making time for your self is vital to your overall health and wellbeing. Trying to get and keep the balance between your own needs and your family desires can be draining, so we hope you find the above 7 “Energy Boosting” tips useful in your need to have more energy and vitality in your day and enjoy the things you do with ease.


Over the next seven days, choose one of the 7 Energy Boosting Tips and make a conscious effort to practice that tip every day. Let us know how you feel afterwards!

And as usual, we’d love you to forward today’s post to your friends and family and share your thoughts and comments about your fav Energy Boosting tip in the comment box below.

Stay blessed and thank you!

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