7 Weird Health Tips That Actually Work

There are some people who do the most bizarre things for the sake of health. Below are examples of these strange health tips that, surprisingly, work.

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In your lifetime, have you ever done something completely strange just for the sake of health? Something so unusual that your family and friends thought that you’ve gone over the edge?

There are times when these weird health practices actually produced great results which is exactly what some people have discovered while doing these unusual health rituals.

1. Shampooing hair with beer.
Catherine Zeta-Jones made her hair perfect for the silver screen using this health tip. Just wash your hair normally would, pour a cup of beer on your hair, leave it for 5 to 10 minutes then wash. You don’t really need to use your favourite, expensive brew when cheaper beers can be used to achieve the same results. This way, you can still achieve that beautiful and shiny hair without spending a lot in the salon. This is a bit weird but it’s worth a shot.

2. Conditioning hair using avocado.
Juan Carlo Maciques, a New York hairstylist that takes care of the mane of famous celebrities suggest applying avocado paste to the strands of your hair to make them softer and healthier especially after washing your mane with your beer hair treatment. If your hair tends to break or dry easily especially when styled or blow-dried, you can also add olive oil or a bit of mayonnaise to it. The next time you buy this fruit, make sure that you get one for your hair.

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3. Coconut oil for toothpaste.
Oil pulling, as it is commonly called, is becoming a health trend in many places. This works by putting a tablespoon of hardened coconut oil into the mouth for it to melt then swish it around for about 5 to 20 minutes. Those who have tried this health tip claimed that they had whiter and cleaner teeth than they thought possible with their breath smelling fresher too. There is also an unsubstantiated claim that this method can help remove the toxins from the body orally. Although there is still no evidence to back this up, trying this health tip may provide good results since there are no side-effects reported that could be linked to this. If you can’t take the test of coconut oil, you can go for the regular teeth whitening methods.

4. Use vodka on smelly feet.
If your feet smells bad enough that others request that you keep your shoes on, try using vodka especially when you don’t have any foot powder at home. The alcohol contained in vodka is capable of killing any odor causing bacteria in your feet and although they may smell a bit like this liquor, it’s still better compared to them smelling like rotting fish. You can also use this weird tip on others by suggesting they apply it on their feet. You can do the honors yourself if you feel like it by wetting cotton balls with vodka and cleaning their feet while taking a few sips of the drink to numb your sense of smell to make the task more bearable.

5. Use licorice for calluses.
Are you thinking of ways to get rid of all the licorice in your home because you’re going to go on a diet? Just combine them with petroleum jelly until you make a paste to be applied on areas of your body that have calluses so they will become smooth, softer, and beautiful regardless of how many times you work in the garden, wash dishes, and so on. This same tip can also work on corn too. You just need to make a large batch of this treatment and apply on your affected feet. You might want to experiment on either black or red licorice as it isn’t clear which one works best.

6. Get rid of hiccups with sugar.
It’s always frustrating to have hiccups for a long time. Not only are you not able to complete what you’re saying without making that weird sound but it can be painful too at times. Once hiccups begin, just take a teaspoon of sugar since it is believed to stop the spasms in the diaphragm. However, you shouldn’t take a lot of sugar to prevent this from happening as it can lead to health problems in the long run.

7. Stop your seasickness with olive.
If your stomach feels queasy when riding a boat, try eating olives to reduce your saliva production so that you’ll feel better fast. Bring a jar or can of olives with you the next time you’re going on a seaside trip so you’ll have more fun instead of throwing up. Don’t attempt to be creative with this health tip such as ordering an alcoholic beverage that has olives in it since the alcohol can enhance your being seasick.
Why not try these 7 unusual health tips and see which ones work best for you.

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