8 Amazing Beauty Uses for Coconut Oil

Coconut Oil, the sight of these two words make the whole health and wellness society nod in unison. Coconut oil contains so many health benefits and is a hundred percent organic. It can be consumed, used topically, incorporated in cooking, used in beauty products and so much more.

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Here are 8 amazing beauty uses for coconut oil:

Use as an Exfoliator
Create a DIY facial scrub with coconut oil. Add small coffee grinds in your coconut oil. Use this to massage your face. Do this in a circular motion for a few minutes. Rinse off with lukewarm water. This will leave your skin smooth and moisturized.

Use it as a Body Moisturizer
Store bought moisturizers are great for the skin but can contain a lot of water. When the water evaporates from the skin, it stops working. Using coconut oil in dry and flaky skin will keep the skin moisturized longer.

Use it as Hair Conditioner
Don’t use this if you have dry or thin hair. This will cause your hair to go limp and lifeless. If you have coarse and dry hair then coconut oil is your answer. Apply a small amount on the hands and rub them together. Apply it on the ends of your hair or the damage parts of your hair. Use a small amount coconut oil to tame flyaway.

Use for Acne and Scar Treatment
Lauric acid found in coconut oil will lighten and improve scars. It will also lessen inflammation in the skin. Apply them twice a day to see improvement.

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Use it as a Makeup Remover
Pour a little bit of coconut oil to cotton balls to remove makeup. It can safely remove waterproof makeup without rubbing the skin. Wipe away all the oils after or use your mild facial wash.

Use to Fight off Dandruff
Coconut oil will remove dandruff from the scalp and can prevent dandruff from forming. Massage coconut oil on the scalp 15 minutes before you shower. Don not do this if you have a naturally greasy hair, this will make the hair greasier and limp.

Use as a Foundation Primer
Make your foundation last longer but applying a tiny amount of coconut oil on the face before applying makeup. This will make the foundation stick to the skin and make the skin look smoother.

Use as a Body Exfoliate
Add some sugar or coffee grounds to your coconut oil to create an all-natural body scrub. This will leave your skin smooth and glowing for days.
You can easily find coconut oil in the market. Pick ones that are labeled extra virgin coconut oil, it is a lot purer and natural.

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