8 Health Benefits of Drinking Wine

Moderate wine consumption is good for you. By moderate, it means 1 – 2 4-ounce glasses a day; proven by studies of the American Heart Association. Study of red wines has revealed that they may protect against certain cancers, promote a longer lifespan, provide benefits to the heart, and improve mental health. Even the Greek physician, Hippocrates, said it himself that wine do have many medicinal qualities. Catholic Monks during the Middle Ages used wine for medical treatments, a wide range that is. Arnaldus de Villa Nova, a physician back in 1235 AD, once wrote a lengthy writing about the benefits of wine.

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Benefit: Slows Brain Decline Evidence: The brains of nondrinkers decline in a dramatically faster rate than those of moderate drinkers. Although studied back in 2006, this is still an accurate study of over a thousand people, by a Columbia University.
Cuts Risk of Colon Cancer A 1 – 2 4-ounce glasses a day consumption of wine, particularly red wine, shows that it cuts colon cancer risks by 45 percent. The Stony Brook University studied over two-thousand individuals over a period of four years.
Cuts Risk of Cataracts Wine consumers have an advantage of a 43 percent less likeliness to develop cataracts compared to beer drinkers. Iceland studied over a thousand individuals back in the year 2003.
Promotes Longevity Compared to spirits or beer drinkers, wine consumers have a lower mortality rate of 34 perfect. Over a period of 29 years, the Finnish studied over two-thousand individuals.
Reduces Risk of Type 2 Diabetes Compared with nondrinkers, those who consume wine, have a 30 percent less risk.
Lowers Risk of Heart Disease Red wines contain something called ‘procyanidins.’ Procyanidins protect against heart disease. Southwest France and Sardinia sell wines that contain more procyanidins than other wines sold in any part of the world.
Reduces Heart-Attack Risk Compared with nondrinkers, wine consumers who suffer from high blood pressure are less likely to have a heart attack with a percentage of 30.
Lowers Risk of Stroke The stroke referred to here is blood clot-related. Those who consume moderate amounts of wine have a fifty percent less likelihood of suffering from stroke.



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