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8 Important Grooming Hacks for Men

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If you think that women are the only ones who are conscious on how they look, you will find that men too are seeing the value of practicing good grooming. There are now more male care products in the market where it was once dominated by products for women. But regardless of how many male grooming products are being sold today, if you are not sure how to use them, you won’t get their full benefits. So to make matters easier for you, these grooming hacks are worth trying out if you want to look your best all the time.

Shower then shave

Most guys will get all their grooming out of the way in the morning, even before they step in the showers. Unfortunately, you won’t get a close shave because of this because you have to deal with hard bristles even with the help of shaving cream.  A better option would be to shave after you take a shower since this makes your hair softer and easier to remove.

Sharpen your tools

If you are using tools as part of your grooming routine, then make sure that you are keeping your tools sharp especially your razors. This way, you will be able to shave your facial hair easily. You will find that working with well-maintained tools can give you the best results. For razors, make sure that you replace them every few months to prevent skin irritation, cuts, and nicks.

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Olive oil for clearing ears

Most of us use cotton buds when it comes to cleaning ears but you are actually doing more harm to your ears than you can imagine. A better option would be to use olive oil as it can help lubricate the ears so that the wax will get loose and fall off on their own. Just heat up a small amount of the oil until it is the same as your body’s temperature then get a sterilized dropper to drop a few into the ear. Make sure that you tilt your head to one side. Now drop a few drops of warm water to remove the wax build up.


Some guys may scoff at the idea of using moisturizers, but you need to do this if you don’t want to end up with dull and dry skin. There are moisturizers that are specially formulated for men that come with a mild scent. You will find that your skin will feel soft and smooth plus it helps you look younger too.

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Lip balm on cuts

There are times when you cut yourself during shaving which is quite normal if you are still getting the hang of shaving. If you want to speed up the healing process or you want to minimize the bleeding, apply some lip balm on the injured area to help seal the wound and to stop the bleeding.

Exfoliate lips with toothbrush

If you want to have kissable lips, yes guys would like to have this too, then you need to exfoliate your lips. Your toothbrush will get the job done because its bristles can dislodge dead skin from your lips after brushing your teeth.

Control hair

Another grooming hack that you should follow as much as possible is to keep your hair controlled all the time. This means getting a haircut every few months and making sure that your facial hair is tamed as much as possible.

Get rid of stray hairs

You should make sure that any stray hairs, such as those in your nose, should be removed as much as possible. By removing stray hairs, you will look amazing in no time.

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