8 Lesser-Known Triggers of Cancer

Cigarette smoking, excessive alcohol consumption, obesity, exposure to radiation and genetics — these are some of the risk factors for cancer that many are familiar with. But did you know that there are also cancer triggers that many are not aware about, some of which you may be doing right now?

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It’s very important to know the things that may cause cancer in order to considerably lower your risk of having to face it in the future. We all know that this disease can cost you your life, most especially if it’s not detected and treated during its early stages. If it spreads to other parts of the body, combating it can become very challenging.

Without further ado, here are some of the lesser-known cancer triggers:

Pleasing Your Sweet Tooth

According to a study conducted on laboratory mice, too much sugar can cause cancer. Scientists involved with the experiment say that it’s all due to fructose, something that can cause inflammation, which is known in the medical world as a cancer risk factor. Lower your chances of having deadly cancer by limiting your intake of sugary stuff.

Consuming Piping Hot Beverages

Do you like your cup of java or tea piping hot all the time? Well, medical experts say that it’s something that may double your chance of developing throat cancer sooner or later — extremely high temperatures can irritate the esophagus, and may trigger malignant growths. It’s also a good idea to steer clear of piping hot soups.

Watching TV at Night

Certain studies have shown that watching TV as well as using laptops or smart phones at bedtime may cause cancer. It is believed that exposure to artificial light that the said devices emit disrupts melatonin production, which can then trigger cancer formation. However, more studies have to be conducted about this alleged risk factor.

Having a Nighttime Work Shift

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Speaking of melatonin, numerous studies revealed that women such as flight attendants and nurses who worked at night had higher incidences of breast cancer than those who worked during the day. Again, medical experts believe that it has something to do with exposure to artificial light, wreaking havoc to melanin production and the circadian rhythm.

Sitting All Day Long

Whether you like to spend hours in front of the TV or you have to be in front of the computer from 9 to 5, you may be at risk of developing cancer. Prolonged sitting not only causes obesity, a cancer trigger, but impede blood circulation as well. Such can hamper the removal of toxins in the tissues, something that can cause cellular mutation.

Engaging in Risky Sex

Did you know that even having sex may put you at risk of developing deadly cancer? Such can be blamed on human papilloma virus or HPV. According to medical experts, almost all cases of cervical cancer are due to HPV. They add that some cases of cancer of the vagina, mouth, throat and even anus can be blamed on HPV.

Having Too Little Sun Exposure

Everyone knows that unnecessary exposure to the sun can increase a person’s risk of having skin cancer, with melanoma being the deadliest of all. But are you aware that too little sun can also increase your chance of ending up with cancer, especially that of the colon and pancreas? Vitamin D produced by the sun can actually help ward off cancer.

Being Older

It’s true that anyone at any age can have cancer. However, most cases of it strike people who are 65 years old and above. This does not mean, however, that you will have the deadly disease when you reach 65. While you’re young, leading a healthy lifestyle can help in considerably lowering your cancer risk.

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