8 Natural Remedies to Help You Quit Smoking

One of the worst unhealthy habits you can start is smoking. Not only is it harmful to your health it is also harmful for the people around you. Like most habits, smoking is hard to quit. There are now products that actually help you get rid of this unhealthy addiction. Nicotine replacement products, nicotine patches and electronic cigarettes are all designed to help you quit smoking.

If you prefer homemade or natural remedies this list is for you. Here are a few natural remedies you can try to combat nicotine dependency.

Cayenne Pepper

–      Cayenne pepper is great for removing the urge to smoke. Add a pinch to your drinking water every day to curb the urge and experience a faster metabolism.


–      This heart healthy food is known to lessen nicotine craving a lessen withdrawal symptoms. It is also essential to repair damage caused by smoking. It contains antioxidants that fight off free radicals and improve the nervous system.


–      Lobelia is a well known herb found in anti-smoking products. It can lessen withdrawal symptoms. It is a great alternative to cigarettes. It has the same effects without the unhealthy side effects.


–      Ginseng is a traditional medicine staple. It has properties that release dopamine in the brain, like cigarettes. Dopamine is the chemical that gives us a happy feeling after smoking, this is one of the properties that start nicotine dependency. Add a tablespoon of ginseng in cereals or shakes to get rid of cigarette cravings.

St. John’s Wort

–      According to study subjects that took two 450 mg capsules of St. John’s wort a day with addiction counseling had a 38% higher chance of successfully dropping the unhealthy smoking habit, than subjects who didn’t take any supplements.

Herbal Cigarettes

–      Herbal Cigarettes are a great alternative to the nicotine version. It is mainly used to satisfy the mental urge of smokers.  The need to smoke or need to satisfy the cravings are often the down falls of people who try to quit. Herbal cigarettes unlike nicotine, is not addictive. This is not a permanent solution though. Learning to let go of the mental urge to smoke is still the best.


–      Valerian is used for people who have anxiety and insomnia. This is an important herb for people that suffer from withdrawal symptoms of smoking like insomnia, anxiety and jitters.


–      Has the same benefits of Valerian, but is also known to remove congestion in the lungs.

All of these herbal remedies can help you to get to where you want to be, but having a strong mind and principle will determine the success of your journey. When you have managed to quit, start repairing your lifestyle and body damage. Sleep eight hour day, exercise, eat healthy and drink your vitamins.

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