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8 Skin Care Tips to Look Fabulous in Your 30’s

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The early thirty’s is the time where are skin and our body changes the most. Our facial features become more define, our skin less firm and our body harder to maintain. Thirty is also the high point of our lives. We are old enough to make the right decisions, financially stable enough to enjoy what we want and experienced enough to know right or wrong.

Skin troubles start in our thirties; all the years we spent under the sun are now showing in our skin. Faint fine lines, discoloration and wrinkles are starting to show. The worst one yet “adult acne”, this acne appears due to hormone changes in the body. This changes usually happen at the age of thirty.

Smoking, tanning, drinking, eating poorly and not exercising can worsen the problem and make it more visible. Here are 8 skin care tips to make you look fabulous in your thirties.

• Exfoliating regularly will help renew the skin and lessen visible discoloration and fine lines. Exfoliating twice a week will remove oil and dirt from the pores. This will prevent chances of breakouts and buildup on the skin.

• Cleansing your skin everyday. Make sure you remove makeup before you go to sleep and apply eye cream. Cleanse your face every morning and apply moisturizer and sunblock before leaving the house. Consult your dermatologist on the products you should be using.

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• Remain hydrates; sip water every few hours to remain hydrated. Always use moisturizing cream on the skin and avoid staying in the shower for more than 5 minutes.

• Protect the skin from harmful elements. Always where a sunscreen or wear clothes that protect the skin when going out.

• Use sunscreen that uses UVB/UVA sun protection. Use it everyday even when it is cloudy or raining. This will prevent premature aging.

• Drink plenty of water; keep your body hydrated from the inside throughout the day. Add some lemon or lime juice to your bottled water for an extra vitamin boost and antioxidants

• Exercise will keep the body and skin firm. It will also promote blood circulation and prevent the skin from sagging.

• Facial and body massages will help tone the muscle and skin.

• Stray away from negativity, do yoga or breathing exercises. Stress is the number one cause of premature aging.

Follow this skin care tips to make the best out of your thirties. Treat your body as a temple and make sure it is healthy and happy.

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