8 Steps You Should Try To Look Fabulous!

It’s all under your control. Decide how fabulous you want to look. Now make your first step. Follow the tips given below and you will instantly look gorgeous.

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The tips are simple and won’t take too much of your precious time.

1. A Touch Of Lipstick


Lip gloss or lipstick is a real must-have. They are powerful tools you can use to quickly improve your look and mood. Boost your beauty with a slightly brighter shade of your usual product – you will look different which means you will feel different as well.

2. A Touch Of Highlighter


A bit of shimmery shadow in the inner corners of your eyes and under your brow, plus some highlighting product on your cheekbones will refresh your whole look. Although it is merely an optical illusion, but sometimes we need to look good even though we feel stressed.

3. Spray Toner


When it’s hot outside, or when the air in the room you are in is too dry, we recommend you spray some mist on your face. Face mists also known as spray toners contain ingredients that are necessary to hydrate your skin. Their texture is light and can be used on top of your makeup – it will not ruin or smudge it.

4. A Good Night’s Rest

Get more sleep. Go to bed at 10 p.m. once in a while. An 8-hour sleep is what most doctors advise we should do. At night our body restores itself. Do not distract it from doing its work and the next morning you will wake up looking and feeling much better. Having healthy sleep means having a healthy body.

5. De-puffing Eye Roller


Thank God we have such a wonderful beauty product. It is convenient to use, takes up little space in your handbag and provides an instant result – smoother and brighter eye area in a matter of seconds. Its cooling formula will also reduce dark under eye circles.

6. Watch Your Posture


Improve your blood circulation by standing and sitting with your back straight. Your inner organs will also feel the difference. When we slouch even our clothes do not look as good as they could if our posture was right.

7. Apply Some Mascara

Woman applying mascara on eyelashes

Mascara is a real ‘eye-opener’. It makes your eyes bigger hence you look alert and refreshed. There are plenty of various mascara formulas. Pick one to your taste. For even a better effect use a curler before you apply your favorite mascara. You can do with one coat only just fine. Or you may apply two coats to make your eyes more expressive.

8. Hydrate Yourself

You might be wondering why your skin feels dry and looks dull. Do you drink enough water? We tend to forget how important it is to drink plain water. Coffee, soda, energy drinks and tea cannot replace water. You should never feel thirsty. Keep sipping on your water throughout the day. Stay hydrated – your body needs plenty of water.

Source: wmnlife.com
Image credits: beautystylo.com / wmnlife.com

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