8 Style Tips You Can Try to Look Taller Than You Really Are!

Stop cursing yourself because you are short. You can still dress up fashionably without having to worry about your height getting in the way. As a matter of fact, dressing up can be quite fun especially when you can transform any problem areas or give the illusion of height with your fashion sense. Here are some examples on how you can make yourself look taller.

1. Choose the right sleeves.
For those who have a petite body, you should avoid wearing clothes that have full, loose sleeves. You should roll the sleeves of your blouse or shirt all the way to your arms and avoid wearing cuff or bat sleeves as this would only focus other’s attention on your arms and can even make them appear bulky. If you’re going for casual wear, wear a shirt or blouse that has regular sleeves.

2. Maxis and long dresses.
Feel free to experiment on the length of your dresses. A full-length dress can make you look proportioned and slim. Instead of wearing A-line dresses, you might want to wear straight fit dresses and maxi gowns. For a night out, pair your asymmetrical dress with heels.

3. Wear the right belt.
The belt definitely comes in handy when it comes to defining the proportion of your body. Go for belts that are slick and thin instead of the broader ones since the buckled and huge belts won’t suit your frame. A good choice of belt will highlight your waist especially when you’re wearing dresses, shorts, or even high waist skirts.

4. Correct footwear.
You shouldn’t forget your footwear since it can complete your look. Heels are always a good choice in footwear. The height of the heels will depend on your sense of style as well as comfort. You could opt to wear wedges, platform heels, or even the traditional pencil heel. Ankle-strap sandals are perfect with shorts or cuffed jeans. This can make your legs look proportioned and your calves in perfect shape.

5. Darker colors.
Wearing clothes that are of darker hues can help streamline your appearance. You can go for darker palette with your outfit as this can create a longer silhouette. Try experimenting with other darker shades aside from black such as dark brown, dark green or emerald, teal, maroon, or navy blue.

6. Wear a jacket.
Layering is a good way to redirect attention from your bulky areas and can also create the illusion of added height. You should wear a jacket depending on the weather and occasion. Make sure that the jacket you choose won’t be ill-fitted or even loose as this can cause you to appear bigger.

7. Bottoms that are high-waist.
The idea behind wearing bottoms (skirts, shorts, pants) is to give the illusion that your legs are long. It is also a good way to make a statement in terms of fashion. As for the length of your trousers or jeans, you should avoid those that are above the ankles or even shorter lengths. Opt for pants with bottoms that bunch up.

8. Tuck it in.
You should pay attention on how you wear your top as the proportion of your top and bottom can either make you shorter or taller. For those who are curvy and short, tuck your top in since pulling your tops or wearing tops that can reach your hip will make you look longer. The best way to correct this is to tuck your shirt in with the zipper of your bottom exposed.

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