8 Things You Should Know About Eating Sushi

8 Things You Should Know About Eating Sushi

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Hello sushi lovers everywhere! As a sushi lover myself, I can’t stop eating these yummy, healthy delicacies, but  were you aware that you may have been eating your sushi all wrong? Yes, there is a right and a wrong way to eat sushi.

Did you know you can actually offend the chef or your fellow diners with your chopsticks? Or slurping your soup is actually respectful in their culture? Did you know that there is a wrong way to dip your sushi? Sushi should be picked up gently and rolled over, dipping only the fish in the sauce not the rice. I certainly didn’t know this information. One great blogger names Ryoka Iwata has shared with us some do’s don’t and fact about sushi we should know. So here is to our favorite Japanese delicacy!

To maximize your sushi experience, there is a certain order to eat sushi! Yes , eating sushi in a certain order can enhance the flavor and experience of sushi.

Eat Sushi In This Order

  • White Fish
  • Silver White Fish
  • Red Fish Sushi

Then to Fishes with higher flavor and taste

  • Salmon sushi
  • Then Salmon roe roll

Finishing the course

  • Finish the sushi coarse with the fattiest fish
  • End it with Tamago, or egg sushi
  • Ordering simple rolls, like kani rolls and tuna roll is a sign that you are finishing your order.

The key to eating sushi is to start with the fish with the lightest flavor and end with a heavier or more savory flavor. This allows you to taste the pure taste of the light tunas without the aftertaste of the stronger ones.

  • When eating in a Japanese restaurant DO NOT RUB YOUR CHOPSTICKS TOGETHER. It is considered rude to the chef
  • Do not drench sushi in sauce, do not overpower the flavor of the fish with sauce.
  • For people who can’t use chopsticks, it is socially acceptable to eat sushi with your hands. It was traditionally eaten with the hands in Japan.
  • You see that red thing near your sushi? That’s ginger, it is used to cleanse your palate after every different type of sushi.
  • Wasabi burns? Stop breathing through your mouth and start breathing through your nose to relieve the burn faster.
  • Miso soup is traditionally slurped rather than drinking with a spoon. Drinking this is easier and you taste the ingredients better. Miso soup was originally an after main course meal not an appetizer.
  • Tuna and fatty tuna are from the same fish! Just different parts.
  • Sushi is good for the body! But deep fried versions of it isn’t.
  • Seafood and Rice is still the best and most traditional sushi.


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