9 Best Shapewears for Every Body Type

It’s the season to party which means it’s about time to show off your fun styles without having to worry about bra bulges, muffin top, and other fashion no-nos. Our team of testers is here to help you find the best support system to use.

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1. Waist cincher.
This is perfect under dresses with full skirts or styles where emphasis is placed on the midsection. The nipper can be fastened using hook and eye closures combined with spandex including in the lace panels. According to the tester, the waist cincher may look like a torture tool but the fabric is actually stretchable. It gave her an hourglass shape minus the discomfort. Make sure that you size yourself up first before purchasing to avoid any rolls on either end. Try Sofia Vergara’s Sofia women’s waist nipper that comes in S-2X sizes. You can buy it at $18 at kmart.com.

2. Bust booster.
The bust booster can provide support especially when wearing halters that are low-cut as well as backless outfits. Even if you’re wearing plunging neckline, your bra won’t be exposed and it can also give you that wicked cleavage due to the silicone that sticks to your skin to be able to hold you up as long as you forego applying lotion. One of the testers said that even though she was petite, she still needed support on her top. Wearing the bust booster gave her confidence even when wearing a risqué dress. This isn’t ideal for women who are busty, however. Check Fashion Forms U Plunge Backless Strapless Bodysuit that comes in S-XL sizes and priced at $40 in amazon.com.

3. Smoothing cami.
The smoothing cami can be reversed so that regardless of whether you’re wearing V-neck or scoop, you will still be able to trim the back, sides, and even hold your tummy in. What’s more, the high-tech fabric can warm up or cool you down depending on the temperature. According to the tester, the cami was a snug fit but not too tight. She liked the idea that the cami made her smooth to look at while wearing a sheer top without eliminating her curves or her chest. She also approved of the fact that the tank comes in different colors. You might want to try Yummie-Tummy Stephanie 2-Way Tank that comes in S/M-XL at $34 in amazon.com.

4. Lower body slimmer.
This slip, which you can attach to your bra, comes with benefits such as erasing lumps in the bum, back rolls, and even reduces your thighs. The tester raved about how the slip made her look slim in a tight fitting dress. Aside from eliminating her lumps, the slip also removed an inch from her hips. Attaching it to her bra prevented any bulges under her boobs too. Try the HookedUp High Waist Shaping Slip at $68 in amazon.com and comes at S-3X sizes.

5. Trimming tights.
You don’t have to worry about your shaping shorts peeking while wearing your cocktail dress. Trimming tights actually has a panty made from spandex with control going all the way down to the thighs. Also the opaque and dense knit gives it a luxurious feel to it. The tester said that the tights gave support without being too confining. The waistband of the tight won’t even cut into you and because of its thickness it feels like you’re wearing leggings. You can try the Great Shapes Blackout Shaping Tights that comes in sizes S-XL and priced at $9 at nononsense.com.

6. Booty lifter.
The inner contour band will cup your cheeks to give you a rounded silhouette instead of the bulk normally associated with padded panties. Your stomach is flattened thanks to a front panel and any rollovers are eliminated thanks to the wide waistband. Any visible panty line will be rendered invisible thanks to the center seam. The tester wore this along with a leather miniskirt and she discovered that it gave her behind a good lift not to mention eliminates wedgies. Look for Va Bien Fanny Fabulous Brief that comes in S-4XL and can be bought at vabienusa.com for $47.

7. Thigh compressor.
This is a recent take on bike shorts where the microfiber makes you feel as if it is barely there while your stomach is flattened due to the front panel that comes in double layer. It can also be used as underwear. The tester paired it with a pencil skirt and it held her in the right places thus giving her more confidence. The Spanx New & Slimproved Hide & Seek Mid-thigh comes in S-XL sizes and is priced at $68 in amazon.com.

8. Hip reducer.
The mesh panels and retro fitting de-bulge and shape the tummy, hips and midriff while the elastic waistband which is hidden hits just under the bra to prevent rollovers. The tester wore this with a silk shirtdress and found that she loved how it smoothed out the bumps on her stomach and butt. Try Ruby Ribbon High Waist Sheer Brief that comes in S-XXL sizes and costs $59 at rubyribbon.com.

9. Bulge buster.
Underarm bulges are eliminated because this bra has higher sides that are built with spandex. This means that your cups won’t run over. Also, since it is elastic free, the edges appear seamless. The reviewer said that the bra was supportive even though it was lightweight especially after wearing a sleeveless dress. It was comfortable and there were no show through even. Look for Olga on Your Side that comes in sizes 36-42C, DD, D, and 36-38 DDD. You can buy this at amazon.com for $38.

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