9 Common Habits That Wreck Your Manicure

After you have put some bright colors to your nails, you are too excited to show off your newly-painted nails by posting it on your Instagram or Facebook account, not realizing that you have not dry them enough, causing them to chip, smudge or smear.

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We list down some of the common pitfalls that mess up your manicure. The next time you have your manicure session, avoid these pitfalls to keep your manicure look nice and beautiful.

  • You are too eager to dry your nails too quickly. This is one of the most common culprits of damaging your manicure. After you have painted your nails, let them dry before you resume to your activity. If you notice that your nails constantly chip right after manicure, you probably cut the drying time too short. To resolve this, apply quick-dry drops over your top coat.
  • You cannot avoid the urge of checking your phone. Most women are guilty of this habit. They reach their smartphones right after doing their mani session. Most of the time, these women check their twitter feeds or post Instagram photos of their new nail colors before drying, causing them to ruin.
  • You wash dishes or do the laundry without rubber gloves. Do not let dishwashing even your laundry soap fool you. The harsh chemicals found in the dishwashing and laundry soap can harm your nails as well as remove the color on your nails. Wash your hands gently with care. Do not forget to wear gloves to protect your hands and nails.
  • Ignoring your cuticles. Cuticles protect the new nails growing underneath so avoid cutting your cuticles as this can cause further damage to you nails. Instead, push them back using a pusher tool and massage cuticle oil before you sleep. Cuticle care also keeps your polish from chipping.
  • Skipping the top coat. Protect your nails from damage using heavy-duty top coat. It helps strengthen brittle nails as it seals in polish.
  • Applying two thick coats instead of three thinner ones. Nail expert advises to apply three thin coats of polish, swiping the polish at the very edge to seal the entire nail. This will maintain your manicure smudge-free and chip-free.
  • You allow your nails exposed in too much bath or shower. Water is the manicure’s enemy. Nails are like sponges, they expand when wet and contract as they dry. Longer bath time leads to chipping and peeling of nail’s polish.
  • Lightly touching your fingernail to check if the coat is dry already. This is one of the many habits that you do after you have your mani session.  This habit tends to smudge the polish, making the manicurist to repaint your nails.
  • Flipping through the pages of the magazine. Whenever you hit the nail salon, you are given a magazine to keep you busy while waiting to finish your nails. Sometimes, you are too focused on what you are reading; you forgot that you had newly painted nails on, causing the colors to mess up.
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