9 Habits that Halt Aging

In today’s generation, only one person out of ten will surpass the age of 95 but then again the clock continuously ticks a person’s life away every passing second, every dying hour is an hour closer to the coffin, and every celebrated year is a step closer to forever resting in a cemetery and a space of nothingness. It is the morbid truth.

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What if, although we would still age ninety years, we had the option to live with a healthier life at that age? Rejoice, for such options do exist.

1. It is easier said than done but, please, have a moment of silence, think deep thoughts about the possibility of a better future for yourself, and focus, you could immediately quit smoking. Such a quest rewards you with an extension of lifetime up to six to eight years. Break away from the rotten habits of this society.

2. Playing a sport, having thirty minutes of exercise, walking every day, and using the stairs than the elevator is how you acquire four more years. This benefits your mood, mind, lungs, and heart as well.

3. Substitute apple and tomato or lettuce salad for a salty snack and French fries. Eating healthy foods, fruits and vegetables included, help improve blood circulation, detoxify the body, reduces cholesterol, obesity, cancer, and cardiac diseases.

4. Learn how to drink alcohol the right way. The proper dosage is two glasses a day for gentlemen, and one for ladies. Excessive consumption of alcohol leads to alcoholism and brings liver or pancreas diseases and other general health problems. Drinking a glass of red wine daily prevents diabetes or heart attack.

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5. The reason behind the extreme sadness felt only by the elders who aren’t visited much by their relatives, grandchildren or children is loneliness. Loneliness causes fear, anxiety, high cholesterol, stress, depression, and other things. Surround yourself with family and friends.

6. Looking younger is always the best course of action when the subject revolves around preventing aging. Avoiding harmful UV rays and applying SPF 30 all over your body before heading outdoors during the summer season are two practices you must do to avoid skin cancer, burns, irritation, and the formation of freckles, spots, and wrinkles

7. Limit the use of television and computers. You have a high likelihood of dying from problems associated with sedentary lifestyles if you spend four hours watching television daily. Instead, for every day, allot only two hours or less time sitting in front of your television, and avoid watching before bedtime. Take breaks while using the computer, stretch, and get some fresh air outside.

8. Sex is one of life’s greatest pleasures, that pleasure can also be felt by your health. Having more sexual intercourse protects the heart, looses weight, improves sleep, toughens up your immune system, lowers blood pressure, burns large amounts of calories, and releases positive hormones.

9. Eating little servings of meal can offer you the ultimate reward in life expectancy: reaching the age of 100. The Japanese’s secret to living the longest is eating until they are eighty percent satisfied.

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