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9 Smart Moves To Get Fit While You Travel

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Traveling does not mean vacation from being fit and healthy. Did you know that it is more enjoying to do your fitness routine when you are on vacation? Why is it so? It is because you can enjoy the view of the nature and breathe fresher air while walking, biking or doing jumping rope.  So, before you head to your next destination for a relaxing vacation, pack these travel fitness tips to keep you healthy.

  1. Take this time to be fit. Every vacation is a chance to relax, re-energize and refresh. Look for physical activities that you will enjoy while you are off for a much-needed break. If you love the beach, you can choose from different sea activities to keep you fit. You can swim, snorkel or do yoga by the beach. You can also play sports like beach volleyball or Frisbee. If you are headed to the mountains, hike the trails or rent a bike and do off-trail biking.
  1. Pack healthy stuff. If you want to stay fit without getting excess baggage, bring your jumping rope to help you burn those unwanted calorie acquired during the holiday bingeing. They are light and easy to pack than bringing your dumbbells. It also delivers the health benefits as any cardio workout can offer.

Another brilliant thing to pack is a good, lightweight pair of sneakers. Instead of flip-flops, bring this perfect pair to keep you on the go. This footwear is good for a brisk walk, run or a tight cardio session. A pair of sneakers is also enough to keep your soles protected.

  1. Watch what you eat. Whenever you travel, you always want to try new dish the place has to offer. You are allowed to try them and eat but do so in moderation.
  1. Make use of hotel’s fitness gym. If your accommodation has fitness area, make use of it. A 30-minute workout is good enough to keep you energized while having your vacation. If you don’t have time to spare for a workout at the hotel’s fitness gym, your room can be a good alternative. A five-minute workout using your jump rope or a simple push-ups can fill-in your fitness regimen.
  1. Rise up early. We know how relaxing to sleep on the hotel’s comfortable mattress and cool air-conditioning room. Sure, you want to sleep more since it is your vacation. However, studies have revealed that working out gives you more energy and make you more alert throughout the day. So, start the day right by waking up early.
  1. Make shopping a fitness activity. Well, you are in another place and it is good to scout new finds in the local markets and bazaars. Take this sweet time shopping for new items but make sure to turn this activity as exercise by walking fast, taking the stairs and walking to and back to your hotel instead of taking the public transport.
  1. Groove those calories away. If you are a party animal, you can still burn your calories by dancing at the local clubs and bars. So, get yourself grooving to the beat but be careful on what you indulge in. Refrain from bar’s high-calorie foods and drinks.
  1. Walk or bike around. A better way to experience and appreciate the city you are in by foot. Ask the hotel staff for some sights within walking or biking distance. Walking as well as biking are great fitness regimens to keep your body moving while on vacation. If your hotel offers bike rentals, take advantage of it and bike around.
  1. Take a walk while waiting to be on board. Instead of stressing yourself from unforeseen situation like delayed flight, take this as an opportunity to keep you moving. While waiting to get on board, do brisk walk inside the premises. It is a good way of de-stressing yourself from getting frustrated about the situation.
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After you pack all these reminders, enjoy and have a healthy and safe travel!

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