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9 Strange Yet Awesome Uses You Can Do With Your Deodorant

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Other than keeping you fresh and door free, strangely these miracle sticks work on life hacks that’ll save you unexpectedly.


Apply this around the sides of your feet that are rubbing together with your new pair of shoes.  Best to use the clear one for leather or low cut or open toe shoes.  The deodorant acts as a slick barrier between your skin and the shoe and will keep the shoe from taking your flesh right off.


Maybe you didn’t heard or tried this yet, but applying deodorant to the bottoms of dry feet the night before will help fight off foot odor and wetness during the day.


For ladies with larger breasts, sweat pooling underneath is a recipe for skin tags and bacteria funk.  And we don’t want that, right?  So apply a good deodorant/antiperspirant under there, before you slip on your bra. This will help halt chafing and keep things awesome smelling and feeling under there.

This also applies for people who sweat excessively, like in areas around your face.  You can apply a thin layer of clear deodorant around your hairline and down the neck will prevent that swamp all day.  Plus this help keep your hair from sticking to your neck in bed.

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Rub on the hinges of the door to get rid of that annoying sounds.


Uncap your favorite scented variety and place it in the corner of your closet for a powerful potpourri.


Weird, but you can try using your finger, dab deodorant under eyes and along the T-zone before applying makeup to solve shiny skin.


Dermatologists will not agree but let’s say you have a zit that makes you go wild, dub some deodorant on that sucker and it will go away swiftly.


Slather some doe on the insect bites and itching will stop.  The aluminum salts in the deodorant help stop pain and swelling.


 Rub along your legs to easily slide into a tight pair of skinny jeans or your favorite fitted leather skirt.


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