9 Things Dermatologists Avoid – For A Younger and Glowing Skin

There are a lot of things to keep your skin glowing, hydrated and smooth.  But as we age, there are things we can’t avoid thus we run to our lifesavers- our dermatologists. So we asked, what are those things you would never do to maintain your skin’s health.

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1. Skip exercise

Exercise helps in the circulation of blood, it tones and strengthens our muscles, relieves stress and contributes to alleviating skin related conditions like acne, psoriasis, eczema, psoriasis and hair loss.  Getting a regular exercise gives you the benefit of radiant skin.  You can try to run, lift weights, kickbox, jump rope.  As long as you enjoy the activity you will engage to, I’m sure it’ll be easy for you to find time for this regime.

2. Sleep on my face

You may be missing this part.  Sleeping on your face makes your skin age quicker that sleeping on your back.  Because there is a pressure for along period of time that may cause wrinkles and volume loss on the side of the dace you’re sleeping on.  This adds up overtime and makes your skin sag.  It may be an extra effort for you to do this, but it’ll pay off.

3. Skip washing off makeup

Make up, dirt and even bacteria accumulate on skin during the day.  Imagine sleeping with them on your face overnight.  It’ll only take a minutes of your time, to wash off your face with a gentle cleanser to prevent acne, blackheads or whiteheads that may appear the next day.  This is habit you don’t want to break.  Sleeping with mascara on can dry out your eyelashes and thin them eventually.

4. Go in a tanning booth

Most dermatologists said they never ever want to try this, because it may cause cancer- increases the risk of melanoma by 75%.  Plus, tanning booth rays ematurely wrinkle, sag and spot your skin before its time, due to the concentrated rays that the World Health Organization (WHO) has assigned the most highly carcinogenic label.

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5. Walk out without sunscreen on

Another habit you’d like to keep-sunscreen.  Prevention is always, always – better than cure.  Applying a sunscreen of at least SPF 30 daily will help prevent every symptom of aging, as 90 percent of visible aging comes from the sun’s UV rays. The shield will also help prevent cancer and other common dermal conditions like psoriasis and rosacea from flaring up. My face, ears, neck and hands are always sunblocked when I walk out of the house. In hot weather when my arms and legs are bare, they also get the sunblock treatment before I head out for the day. Have you ever heard the saying,

6.  Wash face using soap

Anything that makes your skin feel squeaky-clean is stripping out all the moisture, and that’s not a good thing.

If you have dry or sensitive skin, wash with gentle or moisturizing cleanser, not soap.

7.  Skip to eat a Skin-Saving Breakfast

The first meal of the day has always been proven the best meal of the day.  To maintain good looking skin, try adding almonds. These contain essential fatty acids, which help put the brakes on inflammation that accelerates fine lines, sagging, and blotchiness. Not in the mood or can’t eat nuts? Salmon, tuna, and halibut are good lunch/dinner sources.


8.  Miss a Pose

Most derms will bend over back-ward for great, younger looking skin. Hema Sundaram, MD, a Washington, DC-area dermatologist, bends forward. Yoga moves “like Child’s Pose, Downward-Facing Dog, and Sun Salutations improve circulation—the boost of oxygen is what gives skin that lovely yoga glow.” Another reason to take to the mat: New research finds regular yoga practice may reduce the inflammation and stress that speed skin aging.

9.  Add on Sodium

Diet soda is a vice that Audrey Kunin, MD, a Kansas City, MO, dermatologist, just can’t quit—she downs up to six cans a day. When she realized that all the sodium in soda (anywhere from 25 to 50 mg per can) made her eyes and jawline puffy, she switched to a brand that doesn’t punish her skin: sodium-free Diet Rite soda. “It satisfies my cravings and my skin looks much better.”  But, it is still a good practice to avoid high sodium food as this too, can contribute to the effects on skin.


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