9 Things You Need to Know Before Starting a Juice Cleanse

What’s listed below is based on the response of Marina de la Torre, Zeel expert, to a question posed by a member of Zeel with regards to the safety and efficacy of juice cleansing.
There’s a lot of talk about cleansing and detox programs including juice cleansing. Basically, doing a juice cleanse is beneficial to your body because you’re letting your digestive system take a break while still taking in a lot of nutrients with the results easily seen. Not only do you lose water weight and acquire beautiful, glowing skin, you can also get more energy.

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What You Should Consider Before Juice Cleansing

1. Stick to Greens.
Juicing should be made mostly out of veggies and a few fruits. Don’t go jumping into a fruits only juice cleanse since the fructose, or sugar found in fruits, can cause your triglycerides to increase.

2. Avoid the Fakes.
As much as possible, don’t purchase juices that are already pre-packed from groceries. Not only are they high in sugar content, they also have low nutritional value.

3. You Should Know Your Own Body.
If you plan on doing juice cleanse, make sure that you listen to what your body is saying as well as paying extra attention on what you are feeling as well as gauging if this is the right step for you. You are the only one who can determine if what you’re doing is ideal for your body or not.

4. Start Slowly.
If this is your first time to do a juice cleanse, keep in mind to just take it slow. Keep in mind that your body is not used to being deprived of food so it will most likely complain.

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5. Be Realistic. See to it that you’re able to drink juice regularly.
This may be a bit challenging especially when you’re working 12 hours in an office. Ideally, you should drink juice that is freshly pressed. It’s also important to store your juice properly since the nutrients can dissipate when air can cause oxidation in your juice. If you want to bring your juice to your office, make sure that you use a tightly sealed container and place it in the refrigerator.

6. Stay Open-Minded.
Keep in mind that there are plenty of ways to cleanse your body aside from juice cleanse. You can still cleanse even when you consume whole foods. Combining elimination diet with seasonal veggies and fruits is a great way to cleanse your body especially during spring.

7. Set Realistic Expectations.
For those who are planning on trying juice cleanse, take into consideration that, regardless of what cleanse you’ll be following, you won’t feel well for the first few days. The reason behind this is that your body is eliminating toxins in your body. Afterwards, you’ll be getting the benefits of doing the cleansing.

8. Always Finish Strong.
Just so you know, weaning from the juice cleanse is also important just like the first few days of your cleansing. Once you’ve decided to finish your cleanse, don’t bolt down on food or alcohol. You should just incorporate solid foods to your diet slowly.

9. Research.
Finally, there are so many types of juice cleansing to choose from such as Organic Avenue and Blueprint. What you should do is to research what best suits your lifestyle so you can get the most benefit from it.

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