9 Very Real Benefits of Laughter

Laughter is the best medicine. That’s what everybody hears, but how those laughter affects our health? It seems like laughter does promote a healthier lifestyle. Smile and get your tummy ready for a good old laugh session and experience these health benefits.

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9 Very Real Benefits of Laughter

Good For The Heart
A study has shown that people who have heart problems are less likely to find humor in life. They also tend to laugh less than those who didn’t. Laughing can give your heart a good workout. So laugh the heart diseases away.

Stronger Bonds and Heal Relationships
Laughter is the best ways to bond with people. It brings you closer and helps resolve issues. Laughter brings about positive feelings, relieve anxiety and diminish anger. Laughter is a great way to resolve issues, with a little bit of nudging and laughter a solution to any problem can come about.

Cancer Prevention
Laughter can help cancer patients going under chemotherapy to alleviate pain and pessimism. Some hospitals use laughter therapy to help boost the patients immunity, improve their mood and relieve some of the pain. It can also help increase cancer fighting cells in the body.

A Good Nights Rest
Get a peaceful and nightmare free sleep by laughing. A study was done in japan in regards to the relationship of laughter and sleeping. It turns out people who laugh more during the evening get better sleep quality. Get better sleep by watching your favorite comedy show or reading a funny book before hitting the sack.

Stress Reliever
Relieve the symptoms of stress with a good laugh. Stress can cause a multitude of diseases, from heart problems to mental illness. Laughter can relieve stress and keep the heart pumping. Give your mind and body a break by relaxing and watching a comedy show or watching a funny movie.

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Relieves Pain
Laughter creates endorphins in the body, endorphins are chemical in the brain that functions as a pain reliever and mood booster. A study has shown that people who suffered from chronic pain experience less pain when going through laughter therapy.

Fight Pessimism and Depression
When we are down, the two things we need are people who love us and laughter. Fight off depression by laughter, it can boost the mood and improve brain functions. Laughter is known to aid depression and anxiety. Studies have shown that people who laugh more have less anxiety and depression periods. People who tend to use humor as a coping mechanism has a much positive viewpoint in life and is less likely to develop depression.

Immunity Booster
Laughter can boost the immune system function. It can help the circulation of blood and oxygen in the body. It also promotes healthy blood cells.

Laughter Makes Everything Fun
Nobody wants to work or study in a laughter free place. Laughter can help increase productivity and creativity by adding much needed laughter in the workplace. Sharing laughter with your co-workers or classmates can help strengthen bonds and teamwork.

Don’t forget to laugh and make other people laugh. Laughter can improve your health and quality of life.

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