9 Ways to Trick Yourself Into Becoming a Morning Person

According to studies published on The Body Clock Guide to Better Health, probably only 1 out of 10 people can be categorized as a true-blue morning person. However, only 2 out of 10 persons fall into the night owl category and the rest, well, they all fall somewhere in between. The thing is, even if you think you function best during late nights, you can still self-train your body to be an early riser. Here’s how:

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1. Plan Ahead
When you get enough sleep, you’ll wake up looking refreshed and well-rested. If you hit the snooze button on your alarm several times before you actually get up, that could be a sign of sleep deprivation. People who aren’t sleep deprived are able to wake up on time even without the morning alarm. Yes, it sound easier than done, so read on for more tips on how to catch more sleep so you won’t feel deprived the morning after.

2. Practice Good Sleep Hygiene
For more restful sleeps, keep a steady sleep schedule. If you need to move your schedule earlier, also move your sleep schedule forward by just 15 minutes at a time; any adjustments more than that will just be ineffective as it will keep you bouncing between early and late bedtimes instead of than creating a meaningful change.

3. Take Your Time
Find the right work-personal life balance. Tone down your evening commitments so that you have for yourself a complete hour to wind down before retiring to sleep.

4. Implement a Routine
Establishing a routine schedule helps get your body clued in on what’s to come next. Maintaining an evening routine or habit signals your brains that it’s nearly time for bed.

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5. Nap cautiously
Nap during the day if you must rather than in the evenings so you won’t mess up you actual sleeping schedule.

6. Eat Smart. Drink Smart
Experts have long cautioned people against going to bed too full or too hungry as the discomfort it may bring may keep you awake. The same is true for drinking. If you drink too much before retiring to bed, it may cause you to wake up mid-slumber for an urgent bathroom trip.

7. Power Down
Any kind of light may disrupt your circadian rhythm, making it for difficult for you to get a decent sleep at night. And if you’re constantly plugged in with your electrical gadgets like cell phones, laptops and such, it will get even harder for you to sleep. It is suggested for you to switch those gadgets off an hour before hitting the sack so you’ll sleep better and cosier.

8. Prepare before going to bed
So what can you with that gadget-free hour before going to sleep? Why not use that precious time to get together everything that you’ll need in the morning like think about what kind of breakfast you’ll have or prepare what you’ll need at the gym. Shortening your morning to-do list makes waking up easier.

9. Get Cozy
Light, noise level, temperature and comfort can all have an effect on how well you sleep. Tweak these as you go and find the level of comfortability that you’re okay with so you can sleep well the entire night.

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