A Checklist of Ovarian Cyst Preventive Measures

Ovarian cysts are fluid-filled sacs that develop in the ovaries. They are very common most especially among women in the child-bearing age. It’s possible for ovarian cysts to go away naturally without any medical intervention. However, a specialist may recommend their surgical removal should they grow over 6 centimeter in diameter.

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There are several types of ovarian cysts, and the most common of them all are the kinds that form during or after ovulation. Known as functional cysts, these are inflamed sacs that hold the developing eggs in the ovaries. Other types of ovarian cysts include polycystic ovaries, endometriosis, dermoid cysts and cystadenomas.

Causes of ovarian cysts vary greatly, depending on which kinds they are. In the case of endometriosis, the tissue lining the uterus grows elsewhere in the body. Formation in the ovaries may result in ovarian cysts. Cystadenomas are benign tissue growths developing from ovarian tissue.

Many of these cysts grow and disappear on their own without being noticed. That’s because it’s very likely for some cases of ovarian cysts to cause no symptoms. When they do produce symptoms, the most common of all is pain in the abdominal or pelvic area. There are instances when the intake of certain medications and undergoing surgery are necessary. However, curing ovarian cysts naturally is very much possible in many cases.

Home Remedies for Ovarian Cysts

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The natural approach to dealing with ovarian cysts consists of clearing those fluid-filled sacs and preventing re-growths. The intake of certain herbs as well as making some dietary changes can be very beneficial for women with ovarian cysts who wish to skip dealing with the condition through medications and surgery.

  • Prevent hormonal imbalance. Opting for organic food products helps keep a woman from exposure to estrogens and xenoesterogens that tend to cause disordered ovulation. Avoidance of using products with parabens, drinking water from plastic bottles, consumption of soy products and using plastic containers for microwaving food are recommended.
  • Maca root. This herb is revered for its power to boost fertility. Taking maca root is good against ovarian cysts because it promotes the production of more estrogen as well as balances the body’s hormone levels. Maca root also helps nourish a woman’s endocrine system.
  • Milk thistle seed. The intake of milk thistle seed is good for the liver, an organ that eliminates toxins as well as excess hormones circulating in the body. By having a healthy liver, it’s easier to maintain proper hormonal balance and keep at bay the development of ovarian cysts.
  • Dong quai root. This potent herb is very good at improving blood circulation to a woman’s organs of reproduction as well as reducing abdominal or pelvic pain brought about by ovarian cysts. Dong quai root is also known to promote ideal hormonal levels and manage what’s known as congestive fertility.
  • Wild yam root. Taking this herb is very good at minimizing pain brought about by the presence of ovarian cysts. Wild yam root is also popularly used by women who wish to attain regular menstrual cycle.
  • Also known in some parts of the planet as chase tree berry, this particular herb helps promotes proper balance of hormones in a woman’s body. Vitex is also known to promote ovulation as well as improve menstrual cycle.
  • Castor oil. For centuries now, castor oil packs are used to draw toxins and unwanted tissues out of the body. Placing castor oil packs near the ovaries is said to be very beneficial in clearing and healing ovarian cysts. It also promotes better blood circulation in the area for enhanced supply of nutrients and oxygen.
  • Both the fruits and plant parts of this herb is used for healthier reproductive health among women. Tribulus is said to help normalize ovulation and promote healthier ovaries.

Recommended Diet for Ovarian Cysts

According to a study, women who consumed a lot of meat and dairy products were more susceptible to ovarian cysts. By reducing your consumption of these foods, you can considerably reduce your chances of having the condition.

Experts say that including fresh fruits and vegetables in the diet can be effective in shrinking existing ovarian cysts. Loaded with vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and fiber, the regular consumption of fruits and vegetables helps flush accumulated toxins out of the body.

Processed and junk foods as well as those that are laden with sugar and sodium should be avoided by women who are recovering from ovarian cysts.

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