A Look Into Cosmetic Tattoos

The emergence of cosmetic tattoos is seen as the rising innovation in beauty industry. It allows women to get away from the hassles of applying makeup daily. The best benefit: it never runs or smears on the face. It’s permanent!

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What are the types of cosmetic tattoos that will completely change your appearance?

3D Eyebrow

Brow fixing is somewhat tedious. Excessive plucking does not appear pleasant at all. In addition, having your brows fixed and maintained by a professional may be beneficial but in the long run, it will add to your expenses. Good thing, there is eyebrow tattoos that come in 3D. This latest innovation in cosmetic enhancement resembles to a real pair of brows. The hair looks real, only fixed and seemingly plucked. These 3D brows look so natural and well-defined that they seem to have been freshly brushed with a spool.

Permanent eyeliner

This type of cosmetic tattoo does not only create dark lines around your eyes but also define the eyelash base, giving it a fuller and thicker appearance. This cosmetic enhancer makes the eyes appear brighter and more open.  Similar to the result of 3D eyebrow, permanent eyeliner looks so natural at a glance. You not need to worry about makeup smears. This permanent eye cosmetic enhancer leaves without any sight or trace of having a raccoon eyes. You can swim or bath with eyeliners on.

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Permanent lip makeup

Kiss goodbye to your ever-reliable lipstick and welcome your fuller pout on with lip tattoo. Lip tattoo extends in creating fuller, more defined lips. The use of soft mineral pigment with airbrush effect gives more definition to your lips. Add only a dab of lip gloss and you are good to go. Wearing permanent lip makeup makes youthful as it takes off years from your appearance.

Blush contour

Another type of cosmetic enhancer, permanent blush naturally contours you cheek area for that healthy glow. The use of soft color pigment of your choice makes you younger-looking.

This is a word of advice from skin experts. Before you undergo with any of the aforementioned types of cosmetic tattoo, you have to check your tattoo artists’ credentials thoroughly. Interview his or her former client who underwent the procedure. See the before and after photographs. Be sure that you go to a licensed aesthestician who knows how to perform this kind of service. Ensure that all the things to be used for this type of cosmetic surgery is sterile to prevent infections among other side effects.

Here are other guidelines to remember before, during and after getting a permanent makeup:

  1. Get a patch test on your skin to check if you have allergic reaction to the pigment that will be used on your skin.
  1. If you don’t have any skin reaction to the pigment, you will pick the color to be applied. The colors will come from the suggestions and recommendations of your makeup artist. The licensed tattoo technician will use sterile surgical pen to sketch the area or areas to be tattooed and will put an anaesthetic gel on your skin.
  1. The pigment chosen will be applied into the top layer of the skin. The operation begins with needle penetrating the skin. The droplet released from the hole that the needle makes. You will feel a slight stinging sensation during the surgery.
  1. After this procedure, the skin color of where the permanent makeup was done will appear to be dark and shiny while the surrounding tissue is red and swollen. It will take about three weeks before the color will turn to its permanent shade.
  1. To reduce swelling, you can put cold compress to the area of the face. You are also given antibiotic ointment to help prevent infection.
  1. Never expose your newly tattooed skin under the sun. Apply sunscreen to block the entire UVA an UVB rays for several weeks to avoid post-inflammatory color change.
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