A Quick Look at What Could be the Very First True Smart Drug on the Planet

It’s no secret that reaching for a cup of your favorite java or tea can provide the mental boost you need in the morning or mid-afternoons where the tolls of stress on your mind and body really begin to make their presence known. The same effect can be obtained by guzzling down soda, energy drinks or sports drinks, although they are regarded as unhealthy due to the loads of sugar and various chemicals present. All of these beverages have one thing in common: caffeine, a substance that stimulates the nervous system.

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However, caffeine cannot be considered as something that truly increases the cognitive functioning of the brain. What this substance does is enhance your focus and lift your mood. Other than these two, caffeine does nothing to make you smarter and more creative.

Scrap caffeine if you want to possess superhuman mental prowess because, according to a systematic study, there is something far better than that nervous system stimulant in making your brain work like no other, and it is called modanifil. Sold as Provigil in your nearest pharmacy, some experts say that this wonder drug can actually make you intelligent, allowing you to learn much better, solve problems more efficiently, and think creatively. It is nothing like caffeine that only fires up your brain and leaves pretty much everything else to you.

What’s so nice about the intake of modanifil is it doesn’t have the addictive qualities of caffeine in coffee, tea, soda and other caffeinated beverages. However, according to the website of the maker of Provigil, the intake of the drug may potentially cause some side effects such as feeling anxious, aggressive behavior, hallucinations, abnormal heart beat and trouble breathing.

Modanifil has been on the market for a long time alredy, a prescription drug for individuals requiring improvement in wakefulness, who feel very sleepy secondary to sleep disorders such as narcolepsy (a condition wherein the sufferer has an extreme tendency to fall asleep especially when in relaxing environments), obstructive sleep apnea (a problem involving the stopping and starting of breathing during sleep) and shift work disorder (a condition affecting the circadian rhythm of your body’s internal clock).

Basically, this drug is given to deal with excessive sleepiness but does not provide cure for it. It works pretty much like caffeine, but modanifil supersedes caffeine when it comes to improving the brain’s cognitive functioning because, theoretically, says the study conducted on the smartening effect of the drug, moidanifil is capable of enhancing activities in areas of the brain responsible for learning and creative thinking.

The result of the study, something which involved 24 placebo-controlled investigations of individuals conducted from 1990 to 2014, was even included in the journal European Neuropsychopharmacology.

It turns out that a lot of people are already aware of the smartening effects of modanifil. For a long time, many students in various universities in the US and UK had been taking advantage of the drug’s off-label (administration of a drug for a condition save for that which it has been approved officially) use in order to enhance their learning abilities. For instance, a poll conducted in 2008 revealed that almost half of all the respondents admitted to taking modanifil.

So can the intake of the smart drug be considered as cheating much like taking performance-enhancement drugs if you are an athlete? Not really. According to a researcher at the University of Oxford, Joao Fabiano, the use of modanifil to attain a boost in brain power should not be seen any differently than having a cup of coffee, tea or any other caffeinated beverage. Without the addictive properties of caffeine, maybe people are actually better off taking this drug than having their favorite java, he adds.

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