A Spotlight on Manuka Honey: Get to Know This Medical-Grade Sweet Stuff

Manuka honey is not your average honey. First and foremost, it comes from the pollen of certain types of flowers only — the blooms of the manuka bush which is native to New Zealand. Second, it is packed with more nutrients than any other honey on the planet. Finally, it is used in the medical world for zapping bacteria.

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It’s because of the amazing antibacterial properties of manuka honey why it is getting a lot of attention these days. In fact, it is known to effectively kill off over 250 strains of bacteria — including those that are resistant to modern-day antibiotics! Currently, you can get your hands on wound and burn dressings containing manuka honey.

What makes manuka honey very good at eliminating all sorts of bacteria is its unique manuka factor or UMF. Why is it unique? It’s because scientists do not really know what exactly it is that makes it so powerful against microbes. However, the levels of UMF in manuka honey tend to vary from batch to batch.

A bottle of manuka honey should bear a UMF rating. Otherwise, you should take it back on the shelf because it is not the real deal. The minimum UMF rating of manuka honey is 5, but you should opt for something that has a UMF rating of 10 and above if you wish to use it medicinally. Something with a UMF rating of 16 or more is regarded as superior.

Without a doubt, manuka honey costs a lot more than any other honey you can spot on the market. But just like your average honey, the product is not ideal for babies. Also, it’s important to remember that you should take no more than 1 to 2 teaspoons of manuka honey per day when utilizing it for its therapeutic properties.

Now that you are acquainted with this product whose antibacterial properties are simple mind-boggling, let us take a look at some of the most amazing health benefits of manuka honey:

It’s Very Good for Acid Reflux

Most of the time, acid reflux is due to the overgrowth of bacteria in the intestines. By zapping those microbes with manuka honey, relief from acid reflux may be obtained. Experts say that the intake of manuka honey is recommended for those who are battling problems related to intestinal imbalance.

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The Sweet Product Relieves Eczema and Acne

A lot of acne sufferers swear by the effectiveness of applying manuka honey on acne and washing it off with soap and water after a few minutes. This home remedy makes perfect sense because manuka honey is capable of killing bacteria and reducing inflammation. Manuka honey is also very good at providing relief from eczema and other similar skin issues.

Manuka Honey Heals Wounds and Burns

As mentioned earlier, there are wound and burn dressings on the current market that contain manuka honey. If you have a bottle of this product at home, you may apply it on minor wounds and burns to keep infection at bay. Thanks to its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, manuka honey also helps speed up healing.

It’s Effective Against Cavities and Gum Disease

Studies have shown that manuka honey is capable of considerably decreasing plaque and bacteria in the mouth. In other words, it is very good for those with cavities as well as gum disease. Swirling manuka honey in your mouth for a couple of minutes daily can provide impressive results.

The Powerful Honey Heals a Sore Throat

A teaspoon of manuka honey daily during a bout of sore throat can bring amazing relief. You may also do the same if you are have allergy or sinusitis. Manuka honey not only controls bacterial growth, but also stimulates the immune system so the body may get rid of those microbes on its own and at a much faster rate.

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