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A Very Simple DIY Protein Shake Recipe

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Whether you are trying to bulk up or slim down, guzzling down protein shake is a wonderful idea. However, this very popular supplement does not come cheap, and thus it can leave a massive hole in one’s pocket. In addition, there are all sorts of protein shakes available on the current market. It can be very confusing to decide which one is best for your specific fitness goals and requirements most especially if you just stepped foot in the world of taking supplements!

Supplying your body with protein is undeniably a good thing. Protein is a nutrient necessary for repairing, building and maintaining the muscles. It’s what you need to consume in sufficient amounts especially if you are looking to increase your muscle mass. After pumping iron, the consumption of protein shake can work very much to your advantage. As a general rule of thumb, you should flood your system with protein within 2 hours after working out for maximum gains.

Drinking protein shake is not only suited for someone who wants to look like the Incredible Hulk. If your intention is to slim down, the consumption of this supplement is highly recommended. That’s because you can benefit from the appetite-suppressing properties of protein shake. Since it takes a while for your stomach to process protein, you tend to feel satiated for a longer period of time, and this makes it almost effortless for you to steer clear of overeating!

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If you feel that your everyday diet does not consist of sufficient amounts of foods containing protein, consider drinking protein supplement. The fact is taking this product on a regular basis is not only ideal for weight lifters and weight watchers, but also everybody else. That’s because its consumption helps ensure that you are constantly getting enough amounts of protein, a nutrient so important for the proper functioning of your various organs and systems.

Protein is essential for the production of enzymes, hormones, and the various components of your immune system. Just about every tissue in your body is made up of protein in one way or the other, such as your skin, hair and even bones! Everyone knows that protein is crucial for the health and functioning of the muscles. Needless to say, you need protein not only to have a stunning physique, but also to enjoy optimal body functioning!

So should you head out and rush to the nearest health and fitness store to get yourself a large tub of protein shake? Not quite. There are a few downsides to this solution. For instance, just like what’s mentioned before, protein shakes can come with really steep prices, making them impractical most especially for individuals who are on a shoestring budget.

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Also, a lot of protein shakes these days are loaded with calories and other unnecessary chemicals. The reason? To make them more appealing and palatable! It’s true that a protein shake that tastes like strawberry or chocolate is so refreshing and mouthwatering, but it can also come with loads of calories! Especially if your objective for supplementing with protein shake is to slim down, opting for such product can be counterproductive

Here’s another reason why you don’t have to necessarily get your hands on a tub of protein shake available at the local health and fitness store: you can actually whip up a serving of protein shake without actually dissolving scoopfuls of expensive (and calorie-loaded) protein powder in a glass of water. The nicest thing about this is some of the ingredients you will need may already be found in your kitchen at this very moment. Here’s the very simple recipe:


1 medium-sized banana
1 tablespoon of peanut butter
1 tablespoon of chia seeds
150 grams of Greek yogurt or soya yogurt
100 milligram of skimmed milk or dairy-free milk


Simply place everything in your blender, blend until smooth, and drink right away!

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