What are Absolute Oils? (Plus Some Amazing Examples of Them)

Do you love essential oils because they make your days smell so much better and they also offer a number of health and beauty benefits? Then you will absolutely be very keen of absolute oils! Basically, these products are extremely concentrated essences obtained from the various parts of different plants.

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First things first:

It’s no secret that therapeutic-grade essential oils — the purest and most potent essential oils on the market that are ideal for healing purposes — do come with steep price tags. Definitely, absolute essential oils which are way purer and more powerful than the best essential oils out there won’t come cheap.

However, there is a reason why these products are on the expensive side of the fence, and it has something to do with the way they are produced as well as the amount of plants necessitated to have them made.

The good news is getting your hands on absolute oils is good investment. Since they are highly concentrated oils, even very little amounts can go a long, long way. In other words, it will take a while before the need to purchase another bottle of your favorite absolute oil has to be done.

So why are absolute oils costly?

Essential oils are extracted from their plant sources by means of steam distillation. However, certain plants possessing fragrant and powerful oils are simply too delicate to undergo the said form of extraction.

Luckily, there is another way of obtaining those volatile oils in delicate plants, and it’s by means of solvent extraction. Just like what the name says, this process involves the use of certain solvents. Some examples of those include ethanol, methanol and petroleum ether. Without the involvement of excessive heat such as in the case of steam distillation, oils in certain plants can be effectively obtained.

Solvent extraction, however, is a much more complicated process than steam distillation, and this is why the method of obtaining absolute oils can be very pricey. Adding further to the cost of production is the fact a large number of plants have to be used just for manufacturers to produce decent amounts of absolute oils.

As an example, making a single drop of rose absolute oil involves 30 roses!

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Despite of being expensive, absolute oils can be regarded as extremely good investments. That’s because you only need a little of them each time you want to employ them for lifting your mood, alleviating a headache, lowering stress or any other purpose you have in mind.

Commonly, absolute oils have to be diluted with a lot of carrier oil because they are so potent and concentrated. In fact, absolute oils are so much closer to the natural scents and colors of the plants from which they were obtained than essential oils — including the purest that you can get your hands on.

Only a handful of absolute oils are on the market because there are only a few plants that require solvent extraction. Also, not too many land-based and online sellers are carrying them. See to it that you shop from a highly reputable vendor to make sure that your hard-earned cash won’t go down the drain.

Here are some examples of absolute oils:

Jasmine absolute oil 

Having a very lovely smell, jasmine absolute oil is commonly used for calming the mind and body. Sometimes it is also employed for lifting the mood as well as increasing a person’s libido.

Pink lotus absolute oil 

This one is revered for its ability to lower high blood pressure and keep the cardiovascular system in a great shape. Pink lotus absolute oil is also superb for digestion.

Rose absolute oil 

A quick whiff of rose absolute oil is enough to balance your emotions. It is superb for combating insomnia, too. It’s also known to be very effective against a number of beauty problems.

Geranium absolute oil 

Just like rose absolute oil, geranium absolute oil can be utilized by beauty-conscious people. It is also widely used in making perfumes because of its herbaceous yet sweet smell.

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