Achieve Summer Ready Look With This Step-By-Step Guide

Hot season tends to ruin your hair and skin appearance. The scorching heat of the sun melts your makeup and dries out your strands. By the middle of the day, when the sun is really at its peak, expect to sweat really hard which messes up your desired look.

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To maintain flawless skin and hair for summer, here’s quick step-by-step guide that you can follow to attain a summer ready skin and hair.

Step #1: Start with a good base.

Instead of using rich moisturizer as base, makeup professional suggests opting for a lighter, oil-free base. Apply a nickel-sized amount of sun protection on your face to shield it against damaging UVA and UVB rays. Apart from protection, this serves as extra glue for the makeup to hold onto.

Step #2: Choose primer that is oil-free.

Putting on a good primer makes your skin ready for makeup as it absorbs oil buildup during this hot season. Find a primer that is waterproof so it extends makeup’s staying power.

Step #3: Use lightweight and waterproof makeup.

Most face makeup breaks when it is exposed to intense heat. For a solid coverage without the cakey feel, apply light, tinted moisturizer. You may also opt for BB or CC cream for better coverage. Ensure that you set each cream with a powder before putting another layer on so it does not crease or slide off.

For women with normal to dry skin, makeup professional suggests the use of cream blush to create a natural sheen. Meanwhile, those ladies with oily skin should prefer powder blush.

For an attractive eye makeup, go for waterproof formulas that stay longer. For a summer ready lippie, make your lipstick lasts long by putting a tissue on your lips and tap a little translucent powder over it. This will set your lipstick and prevent bleeding.

Step #4: Put highlights to create a luminous, dewy glow that lasts.

Do you want to have dewy skin without looking oily despite the heat? Attain that glow by applying a highlighter to your face’s high points and that includes cheekbones, bridge of the nose and brow bone. This makeup stays long all day without looking greasy and shimmery. It gives a perfect texture and subtle glow.

Step #5: Spray a facial mist to hydrate the skin and set makeup.

Before you step out of your house, makeup expert recommends the use of a refreshing spray. When it dries, this will seal your makeup in place. This extends your makeup.

Step #6: Don’t forget your hair.

After you blow dry your hair and style it, put it up when you are going out. Pinning your hair softly prevents frizz.

Step #7: Bring your touch-up essentials while you are out.

Summer is the time when most people go out and travel. So, when you are out, do not forget your touch-up essentials. Makeup professional urges to carry a facial spray to rejuvenate your skin. Apply a powder to absorb oil, leaving your skin with velvety finish. Of course, keep some blotting paper especially if your skin is prone to oiliness.

Now you are ready to embrace and enjoy the rest of the summer with a flawless skin and hair. Cheers to a lovely and stylish you!

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