Amazing Beauty Uses of Bitter Almond Essential Oil

Everyone has heard of almond oil and sweet almond essential oil, but not too many people are familiar with bitter almond essential oil. This volatile oil is obtained from a different kind of almond, and it is known to contain compounds that can be toxic when ingested most especially in large amounts.

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One of the most important things to know about bitter almond essential oil is it’s intended to be used externally only. And when employed properly, it actually offers so many benefits, including lots of beauty-related ones.

Provided that you have therapeutic grade bitter almond essential oil and it is used only for topical purposes, there are a bunch of beauty perks that you can obtain from it. Some of the most amazing ones are:

Remedy for Pimples and Acne

Bitter almond essential oil has antimicrobial properties, and this is the reason why it may be used for treating pimples and acne. Applying it causes the elimination of bacteria present on the spot, thus putting an end to the infection and inflammation of hair follicles, the reason behind the presence of pimples and acne.

Solution for Various Skin Conditions

Microbes like bacteria, viruses and fungi can cause a variety of skin infections that need to be treated effectively for them to go away. Bitter almond essential oil can wipe out many different kinds of microbes that can multiply on the skin and cause infections, such as eczema, ringworm, jock itch and warts.

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Prevention of Smelly Feet

Since bitter almond essential oil is very good at killing of microbes, including those that can cause bad odor, it may be used for saving the feet from ending up smelly. A few drops of it may be placed in a basin of lukewarm water in which the feet may be soaked for several minutes. This solution, by the way, is also effective for athlete’s foot.

Management of Dandruff

There are some instances in which dandruff is brought about by a fungal infection of the scalp, as evidenced by severe itchiness, oiliness and flaking of the skin. Bitter almond essential oil is actually an effective remedy for such form of dandruff, courtesy of its antifungal properties.

Increased Rate of Hair Growth

Bitter almond essential oil may also be used on the scalp in order to accelerate the growth of hair. It allows the hair follicles to be supplied with important nutrients, and at the same time shield them from the sun’s UV rays. As a bonus, this essential oil also helps keep the hair follicles from being clogged up and inflamed.


Bitter almond essential oil is not intended to be used internally even if the product you have is therapeutic grade. Pregnant and breastfeeding women should refrain from using it. Similarly, it’s not intended for children and the elderly. If you have a medical condition and you are taking prescribed drugs for it, let your doctor know about your plan on using bitter almond essential oil first.

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