Amazing Benefits of Oatmeal

Oatmeal has been an easy go to meal for decades. Simply add water and you have a stomach filling meal! Oatmeal has been a food staple since our great grandparents and their great grandparents. Oats can grow anywhere and is cheap. Creating oatmeal was one of the great marvels of humankind. Not only is oatmeal cheap, easy and delicious.

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Here are some lovely benefits of eating oatmeal:

High in Fiber and Protein – We all know how essential it is to have enough fiber and protein in our body. Fiber promotes a healthy digestive system. Protein promotes muscle growth and prevents muscle deterioration after a grueling workout. Making oatmeal a great pre-workout snack.

Low calorie and Nonfat – Oatmeal can keep you fuller for a longer period of time and curb hunger pangs. A cup of oatmeal is only 130 calories and it doesn’t contain any fat.

Balance out Blood Sugar – Due to the high fiber content of oatmeal, absorption of glucose is slowed down. The complex carbohydrates can prevent the blood sugar from rising. Magnesium in oatmeal regulates insulin and glucose levels.

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Gluten Free – For anybody who suffers from gluten sensitivity oatmeal is gluten free! If you suffer from celiac disease and cannot tolerate gluten, opt for wheat gluten. Wheat gluten has a low possibility of affecting celiac disease sufferers.

Lowers Bad Cholesterol – Beta-glucan fiber found in oatmeal lowers bad cholesterol without affecting your good cholesterol. Lowering bad cholesterol is essential for people who suffer from high blood pressure and heart problems.

Heart Health– Lignans found in oatmeal are known to protect the body from heart diseases. Fiber and cholesterol in oatmeal also help strengthen and boost immunity of the heart, preventing stroke, heart attacks and heart disorders.

Cancer Prevention – Lignans not only protect the body from heart disease, but it also lessens cancer cells in the body. It is known to affect hormone dependent like breast cancer.

Try incorporating oatmeal for breakfast at least 4 times a week and experience the health benefits. Oatmeal can be eaten as is or can be eaten with fresh fruits and spices.

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