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Amazing Benefits of Skin Icing

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One of the latest trends now in beauty routines is skin icing as it is been found to be effective in helping our skin look healthy. This treatment has been in use in many beauty and spa centers because of its various benefits.

If you are going to look at the skin care routine of many korean women, you are sure to find skin icing as part of their routine.

So what exactly can you get from skin icing? Here are some of its well-known benefits that you might want to take advantage of.

It makes your skin glow. One of the benefits that skin icing can give you is to make your skin glow naturally. This is because the cold temperature, when applied to your skin, can help improve blood circulation thus making your skin glow from within. If you want to get the most out of your skin icing routine, combine fruit sliices in your water before popping in the freezer so that their nutrients can also be absorbed by the skin when you apply it on your skin.

It can make your skin smooth to the touch. Another benefit to be gained from skin icing is that it can help make your skin look smooth. The ice can help tighten your skin so that large pores will shrink to prevent overproduction of sebum and to minimize clogging too. With skin icing, you will be able to tone your face so that it will look smooth.

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It treats dark circles. Late night outs or doing overtime at work can leave those dark, bluish green circles under our eyes, a clear sign that we lack proper sleep. Some time these dark circles are accompanied by puffy eyes which can be frustrating to see when you have an important meeting the following day. Fortunately, skin icing can help you reduce the puffiness and the dark circles too. Simply freeze cucumber juice and rose water in your ice tray and use it under your eyes. You will see a significant improvement afterwards for sure.

It reduces signs of aging. Skin aging is going to happen eventually but there are ways in which you can slow down its progress on your skin. For one thing, you can use skin icing to protect your skin against wrinkles and other skin issues that often occur as you age. The cold temperature can help tighten your skin so no line and wrinkles will mar your visage.

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It works as skin toner. The problem with large pores is that it makes your makeup application uneven and it even increases your risk of having clogged pores too. A good trick to use is to apply ice on your skin before you apply your makeup for a smoother finish because the ice will help make your pores smaller.

It controls any skin blemishes. Another benefit that skin icing offers is to reduce the presence of skin blemishes. Any redness, swelling, or itching even can be treated with the application of ice on skin. The cooling properties of the ice can help treat any skin issues that you may be having in just a few minutes. This is especially helpful when you see a new pimple forming on your skin. Just apply an ice cube on the affected area for a few seconds to help numb the area and to reduce the swelling. You can repeat this as many times as you want. 

With these benefits, it is not really surprising why many integrate skin icing into their skin care routine. The best part with skin icing is that you can add your own ingredients like fruit slices or even essential oils into the mix for better and healthier looking skin.

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