Get What Guava Gives

Besides Guava jam, people may not be able to list down other uses of guava. Due to its durable flesh, not the mention the thousands of seeds in it, guava tends to be brushed aside.

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Let me show you why guavas should be on your next shopping list.

Hair Loss

Guava promotes hair growth. Its richness in vitamin C allows it to do so. It is a factor that helps win against hair loss conditions.


Having two times the amount of the daily recommended vitamin C value, the production of collagen is improved with the help of guava. Collagens make the skin firm.

Hydration of the skin is another benefit this fruit gives. Being 81% water, it no doubt, promotes skin hydration.

Blackheads are removed when the leaves from this fruit is mixed with little water and then applied to the affected skin area. It goes the same for the treatment of dark spots and acne. The leaves also help fight itchiness because guava leaves have compounds that block allergies.

A rich cradle of vitamins A, B, and C, together with potassium which are all known antioxidants and detoxifiers, guava is a strong free radical fighter.


Good blood flow and relaxed nerves, these are what the body requires for a healthy brain function. Guava fill the brain with Vitamins B3 and B6. Pyridoxine (vitamin B6) works with the relaxation of the nerves.

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Nerves and Muscles

Magnesium is another mineral stored in guavas. The nerves of the body and the muscles are made to relax with magnesium. It provides a smooth energy boost after a hard workout.

The richness in manganese is responsible for the body’s ability to harness important nutrients from the food we consume.

Blood pressure

Potassium normalizes the levels of blood pressure. Did you know that potassium and guava contain almost the same levels of potassium?


Folate that promotes human fertility is another mineral in guavas.


Don’t like carrots? Then guava is a great alternative for retinol source. Retinol or Vitamin A maintains good eyesight.


The rise and fall of blood sugar levels is also the rise and fall of a person’s health. Fibers are important for lowering blood sugar levels. They also maintain the digestive system’s health and cleanliness.

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