Amazing Health Benefits of Mulberries

Chinese traditional healers have been using the leaves and berries of the mulberry tree for treating a wide variety of diseases for centuries now. Native to East Asia although being cultivated on temperate regions of the planet too, anyone can take advantage of the health-giving and curative properties of the mulberry tree simply by consuming the berries.

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Read on to know the reasons why the consumption of sweet and juice mulberries may help you attain optimal health.

1. Eating mulberries on a regular basis may help you maintain good eyesight, thanks to their beta carotene content.

2. Mulberries also contain lots of vitamin C necessary for wound healing and a stronger immune system.

3. You can boost your brain power by eating these dark purple berries because they contain choline.

4. Mulberries are some of the fruits that contain protein necessary for building muscles and maintaining their mass.

5. Antioxidants in them may help ward off certain types of cancers as well as prevent cancer cells from multiplying.

6. Thanks to their fiber content, consuming them regularly may help keep bad cholesterol levels in check.

7. With those bad cholesterol levels normalized by mulberries, high blood pressure can be kept at bay.

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8. Fiber in mulberries also helps flush out toxins in the colon and promote regular movement of the bowels.

9. Their consumption is good for those with mild anorexia in order to bring back their lost appetite.

10. Mulberries have alkalizing effects that help maintain normal pH level of the body.

11. With normal pH level, chronic inflammation that causes obesity, diabetes, heart disease and others may be reversed.

12. Anti-inflammatory properties of these sweet berries help deal with joint pain and swelling caused by arthritis.

13. Being rich in plant pigments called flavonoids, eating them is highly beneficial for people with diabetes.

14. Their consumption is a good energizer for women who just gave birth and those who are bouncing back from illnesses.

15. Massaging mulberries on the scalp is said to promote the growth of healthy hair.

You can enjoy all of these health benefits simply by enjoying a serving of these tasty and juicy berries each time. It’s possible to add fresh mulberries to salads, oatmeal, cereals, milkshakes, smoothies and other treats. Mulberry syrups, jams and spreads are readily available on the current market. It is also a wonderful idea to opt for dried mulberries which you may add to so many things, from yogurt, baked goodies to your homemade trail mix.

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