Amazing Homemade Solutions for Forehead Wrinkles

Those deep lines across your forehead can make it seem like you have been facing all sorts of life problems for centuries now when in fact you have been walking the planet for just 30 or 40 years. Poor eating habits, stress and wrong skin caring solutions can make those unflattering forehead wrinkles appear prematurely.

Botox is undeniably a highly popular non-surgical solution for furrows on your forehead. However, it is something that’s not ideal for all — in particular those who cringe at the thought of needles piercing the skin. Furthermore, just like any other cosmetic procedure around, botox injections come with all sorts of risks and side effects. By the way, it does not come with a cheap price tag — you have to shell out $250 to $500 per area!

It’s a good thing that there are numerous all-natural solutions for those forehead wrinkles that make you appear like you are several years older than your actual age. Easy on the pocket, proven effective and risk-free, these solutions can make zapping deep crevices plastered across your forehead a beauty endeavor that’s hassle-free!

Here are some of the best homemade remedies for forehead wrinkles:

Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Heat a small amount of olive oil in the microwave. See to it that it’s not too hot because the goal is to remove those forehead lines and not sport a burned forehead. Massage on your forehead with your fingertips, using small circular strokes. Do this solution morning and night and see the difference after a few weeks.

Flaxseed Oil

If you feel that extra virgin olive oil is best left as a salad dressing, fret not. It’s because there’s another wrinkle-fighting oil that’s deemed effective by lots of women who are into natural beauty fixes — flaxseed oil. This healthy oil can make those unwanted lines on the forehead go away as it’s packed with age-defying healthy fats like omega-3 and omega-6

Lemon Juice

A staple in listings of home remedies for scars and dark areas of the body, lemon juice may also help in erasing those lines on your forehead that make you look old. Regularly massaging lemon juice across your forehead helps supply vitamin C, which is an antioxidant that effectively fights off aging, on the problem area.

Orange Juice

Just in case lemon juice is not on hand, feel free to use orange juice instead for improving the appearance of forehead wrinkles. Make sure that you opt for orange juice that you squeeze at home — not the boxed kind that contains sugar and other chemicals — because the pulp can make this home remedy work even better.


You may consider pineapple season as an opportunity to eliminate forehead lines in a natural way. All you have to do is rub a small piece of this tropical fruit across your forehead. Leave the juice there for several minutes to give its vitamin C content plenty of time to work wonders. Rinse off afterwards.


Don’t assume that cucumber is only good for getting rid of eye puffiness and dark circles under your peepers — it’s also something that can help make those forehead creases go away naturally as it contains vitamin C. Place a slice of cucumber in the fridge for a few minutes, then rub on the problem area for an instant tightening effect.

Aloe Vera Gel

The gooey liquid inside every aloe vera leaf is teeming with vitamin E, which is something that possesses remarkable antioxidant properties. It’s exactly for this reason why leaving aloe vera gel on your forehead as you spend several hours in dreamland can help improve the appearance of those lines that age your face.

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