Amazing Tips on How to Sleep Like a Baby

There is so much stress today that no one has the time to sleep like a baby. That’s really unfortunate because we need a good night’s sleep for better stress management. Fret not if you’re not getting the recommended 7 to 9 hours of shut-eye per night because below you will come across some effective tips on how to sleep like a baby.

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Never Hop Into Bed After Dinner

One of the reasons why going to bed right after having your dinner is a terrible idea is you may end up with a bout of acid reflux, which is something that can definitely keep you from falling asleep.

What you need to do instead is spend a few minutes taking a walk outside, around the house or on a treadmill. This helps facilitate the process of digestion, keeping you from experiencing an acid reflux attack the minute you hit the sack. Walking after dinner also helps zap any excess energy that can leave you wide awake at night.

Take a Warm Shower or Bath

Going to bed with your stress through the roof is definitely a bad idea. It’s for this reason why it is highly recommended for you to look for ways to reduce your stress levels before attempting to have some shut-eye.

An effective way to deal with stress before going to bed is taking a warm shower or bath. Not only will it help loosen those tight muscles and joints, but also calm your mind. Feel free to use relaxing bath oils or salts. Nothing can encourage you to sleep like a baby more than treating yourself just like a baby!

Steer Clear of Alcohol

If you think that drinking alcohol can help you sleep like a baby, think again. According to scientists, it’s something that can actually keep you from enjoying sleep that’s restful and rejuvenating.

While it’s true that alcohol can make you doze off quicker, the fact is it can considerably reduce your sleep quality. It’s not just the quantity of sleep that counts, but also the quality. So instead of having a shot of vodka or tequila, it’s a much better idea for you to simply bear in mind the next tip.

Have Freshly-Brewed Herbal Tea

It’s a great idea for you to whip yourself a cup of herbal tea just before you take a trip to dreamland. Unlike coffee and black tea, this beverage does not contain caffeine, a stimulating chemical that can make sleeping a seemingly challenging endeavor for anyone who needs it the most.

One very popular herbal tea that’s known to help you sleep just like a baby is chamomile tea. Other good examples include lavender tea, lemon balm tea, valerian tea, peppermint tea and holy basil tea.

Quit the Electronics

According to scientists, the use of electronic devices before bedtime can be blamed for sleep deprivation. It’s for the fact that they emit blue light known to disrupt your body’s internal clock.

Instead of playing games on your smartphone or watching TV shows until you feel sleepy, it’s a much better idea for you to read a book, listen to music, write a poem, doodle on a sketchpad, grab a coloring book — anything that does not entail the use of electronics that are scientifically-proven to cause sleep problems.

Avoid Tossing and Turning

Pushing yourself to fall asleep is counterproductive because it will only make it harder for you to be dead to the world. Fretting over the fact that you cannot catch some Z’s is a no-no. If you don’t feel sleepy, don’t attempt to sleep — look for an activity to carry out until such time that your eyelids already feel heavy.

Make sure that you opt for an activity that is quiet and won’t leave you stimulated or stressed, such as reading your emails, checking out your social media feed and balancing your checkbook.

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