Appropriate Workouts For Different Body Types

Exercise is a no size fits all formula. It varies from different body types. In losing or gaining weight, considering one’s body type is essential to determine what part of the body to improve or which area or areas to maintain. By doing the proper workout for your type of body, you can make the most of what you have. It will also help in enhancing and balancing one’s physique.

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Understanding different body types is vital to identify which body type your body belongs. There are three body type classifications – endomorphs, ectomorphs and mesomorphs.

The first category is endomorphs. This type has a tendency to store fat either in the belly region or in the bottom or thighs. Those bodies under this category have round faces, larger thighs, hips, arms and legs that tend to be short and tapered, giving them a stocky appearance.

Second classification is ectomorphs. This type may struggle to gain fat and muscles and generally thin. They possess narrow hips, waist and shoulders. Ectomorphs easily lose weight but have difficulty in gaining lean muscle mass.

Third and last classification is mesomorphs. This type is considered to have an athletic built, muscular with very little fat. They often possess hourglass figure or ruler shape. They have broad shoulders and narrow waist. Their metabolism is fast and can lose weight easily than endomorphs.

These three body type classifications face different challenges in maintaining, gaining or losing weight. Therefore, there is a need to determine different workouts essential to target specific problem areas of each body type.


The challenge: The people who possess this body type have a hard time maintaining a healthy weight. Extra pounds are their greatest challenge. The first thing to consider in planning a workout program for this type is setting a routine that burns calories that will complement a low calorie diet.

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Proper workouts for Endomorphs

  1. Cardio type workouts – These workouts are considered the most effective for this type; however, if an individual is overweight, it may be necessary to choose a low impact cardio activity such as swimming, walking or cycling. This is to prevent unnecessary strain on the joints.
  1. Lifting weights – include this in the routine of the endomorphs. This kind of workout helps strengthen the muscles and joints as well as increases muscle mass. This can also be a key for women with large breasts to keep their back muscles strong and improve body posture.
  1. Weight or resistance training- this training focuses on specific areas that need improvement. It helps tone up limbs and eliminates common problems such as flabby upper arms and thighs. If you are a pear-shape endomorph, this training is beneficial for it builds muscles and tones your upper body to deliver a more balanced physique.


The challenge: The inability to gain weight is their main concern. Ectomorphs, especially women aim to have a womanly shape or curve. They also aim to build muscle, maximize the calories consumed and conserve the calories burnt. They are good in long distance marathon due to their light weight frame but they should keep cardio exercises to a minimum.

Proper workout for ectomorphs

  1. Resistance training exercises – This type of exercise can provide muscle to their slim frame, giving shape to their bodies. It also helps in strengthening their bones, lowering the risk of osteoporosis.


The challenge: They easily gain muscles whenever they do workout. For most women, being too muscular is considered as unattractive. Despite their large percentage of muscle, mesomorphs have slightly higher metabolism than endomorphs.

Proper workouts for mesomorphs

  1. Cardiovascular exercise – Despite mesomorph’s ability to lose weight easily, it is also equally easy for them to gain pounds. Including cardio to their regular fitness regimen is an excellent move to prevent gaining extra pounds. It is recommended to perform cardiovascular activity three to five times per week. The most efficient way to burn fat through cardio is by doing interval training. After warm-up, try sprinting for a minute, followed by brisk jog or walk for two minutes as recovery. Repeat these routines six times before cooling down.
  1. Circuit training- this is an effective exercise for mesomorph for it builds strength and stamina without achieving the necessary bulks. Mesomorphs are required to do variety in their routine to develop all muscles group and maintain correct body proportion. Basic and popular circuit training session consists of running, push-ups, squat jumps, sit-ups, squat thrusts and bench dips. You have to complete each exercise for 30 seconds while maintaining correct form and posture then followed by a 30-second recovery. You have to accomplish three full sets, with a three-minute recovery between each set.
  1. Yoga and Pilates – these muscle conditioning and strengthening activities are suited for mesomorphs for they do their workout without worrying about gained muscles. These activities develop strength and stamina. In addition, your body benefits from the varied routines and intensities.
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