Asparagus Goat Cheese Flatbread Recipe

Spring signals the appearance of fresh asparagus on grocery aisles and market stalls. Unknown to many, asparagus comes with an array of health benefits. It is a good source of folate, fiber,

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Vitamins A, C, E and K. It also has chromium—a trace mineral that improves the ability of insulin to carry glucose from the blood into the cells of the body. Asparagus is also rich in gluthathione content, a detoxifying compound that helps fight off the body’s free radicals. Free radicals are harmful compounds that speed up the aging process and a precursor to cancer. Thus, consuming a whole lot of asparagus can help in fighting off certain forms of cancers such as bone, colon, breast, laryngeal and lung cancers.

To continuously enjoy the health benefits of asparagus, why not turn it into something delectable that your entire family can enjoy? A simple recipe for asparagus goat cheese flatbread is as follows:

Asparagus (16 oz., trimmed and cut into thirds)
Baby bella mushrooms (5 oz., stemmed and thinly sliced)
Goat cheese (4 oz., crumbled)
Shallot (1 large; thinly sliced)
Whole wheat pizza dough (16 oz., thawed)
Sesame oil (2 tbsp.)
Garlic Powder (1 tbsp)
Sesame seeds (1 tbsp)
Red pepper flakes (1/4 tsp., crushed)


Preheat your oven to 400 degrees F.

Coat a large pan with a thin layer of sesame oil.

Place the thawed pizza dough on a clean counter. Reshape it into a rectangle. Using the palm of your hands, press the dough from the centre going to the edges. Continue this process until the dough has evenly thinned out.

Place the dough in a pan. If necessary, press the dough out until it covers the entirety of the pan’s bottom.

Thinly coat the dough with sesame oil.

Sprinkle sesame seeds and powdered garlic all over the dough.

Arrange the other ingredients (shallots, mushrooms, asparagus) at the top of the dough.

Evenly sprinkle with crushed pepper flakes and crumbled goat cheese.

Add a dash of salt to taste.

Bake the dough in the over for about 25 minutes or until the crust edges turn golden brown.

Remove from the oven. Slice then serve.

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