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Attain Relief From Headaches and Migraine with These Pressure Points

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Did you know that applying pressure on certain spots on your body can put an end to that nagging headache or migraine of yours? This solution is referred to as acupressure, a form of alternative medicine that originated in Tibet and said to have come earlier than acupuncture. Using only your thumb, the tip of your index finger or even a knuckle, you can put an end to a headache or migraine attack without jabbing needles into your skin or popping a pill in your mouth!

Speaking of which, it’s not all the time that taking painkillers is the best solution for your recurring woe. OTC painkillers tend to come with unfavorable side effects, including nausea, vomiting, constipation, and risk for ulcers and kidney and liver damage. Especially with long-term intake, you are putting your health on the line in place of some temporary relief.

Due to all the risks involved, it’s a good idea for you to skip taking painkillers from time to time and instead go for a more natural solution, such as acupressure. Knowing some of the spots on your body that you may apply pressure on can provide effective relief from headaches or migraine, as attested by so many who swear by acupressure. Safe and free of charge, it won’t take long before that splitting headache or distressing migraine of yours is out of the picture.

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Here are some pressure points that you should apply pressure on whenever a headache or migraine strikes:

Between the Eyebrows and Above the Bridge of Your Nose

You are not going to have a hard time locating that sweet spot because the tip of your thumb or index finger will naturally be guided towards it. Apply firm pressure for up to a couple of minutes. Repeat until relief from headache or migraine is attained. You may also use this pressure point each time you are bugged by indigestion or eyestrain.

The Sides of Your Forehead — the Temples

Applying pressure on both your temples at the same time is particularly good at easing tension headache, the most common type of headaches in adults. It’s also sometimes referred to as a stress headache, making it clear what the usual cause of it is. You may use your thumb or the tips of your index and middle fingers to apply firm pressure on your temples. You may also do small circular motions in order to zap that tension headache fast.

Right Where the Back of Your Skull and Neck Meet

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Pressing the base of your skull with the tip of your index finger or its knuckle can help in making your headache or migraine go away in a snap. This does not really come as a surprise because the muscles in the said area tend to tighten when you are stressed, causing your head to ache. Applying pressure on the base of your skull for up to a couple of minutes is also very good at dealing with stiff neck and vertigo — a sensation of loss of balance or the room whirling.

The Low Area Between Your Big Toe and Your Second Toe

Just because you want to put an end to that annoying headache or migraine attack doesn’t mean that you should only focus on pressure points on the head. There is in fact a spot on your foot that, when pressed, can help alleviate your problem, and it’s that valley right where your big toe and your second toe meets.

An Inch From the Webbing of Your Fourth and Fifth Toes

About a width of your thumb from the webbing of the fourth and fifth toes lies a pressure point that can help free you from headaches and migraine attacks when pressed. Use your thumb in applying firm pressure on that groove between the bones, to the point that it already feels tender. Proponents of acupressure say that pressing on that particular spot on your feet may also bring about relief from water retention and joint pain brought about by arthritis.

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