Avoid These 10 Bridal Makeup Boo Boos

Every bride has been waiting for this special moment to come, her wedding day. Before she faces her groom-to-be, her face should be as radiant and glowing for this picture-heavy occasion. Thus, proper makeup application is definitely a must to make her the most beautiful bride.

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Before marching down the aisle, bring to mind these 10 makeup mishaps to avoid.

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  1. Skipping trial makeup. Trial makeup adds cost but it gives you an idea what kind of makeup best suits you on your wedding day. Schedule your trial makeup three months before the wedding so if you are not satisfied with the first trial, you can try other option. Visit bridal fair where they offer free makeover. Don’t forget to take a snapshot of yours before and after the trial makeup. When going for a trial makeup, wear white blouse or dress to get a better picture of what you will be like on your wedding day. In addition, be sure that you and your makeup artist are on the same wavelength.
  1. Experimenting on something new. Your wedding day is not the best time to try on eyelash extension or wearing deep red shade of lipstick especially if you have not done these things before. Show the best version of yourself on your big day by choosing tones that will complement your skin as well as you can manage to wear on your wedding.  I bet that you don’t want your groom-to-be leave you at the altar just because he could not recognize you donning that different look of yours.
  1. Applying too heavy foundation. You think that putting too much foundation will make you look good on photos. Think again. It is recommended to use good primer then follow with a medium coverage foundation. Primer gives your foundation something to stick on, helping it stay all day long. It also minimizes the appearance of pores, giving you a flawless appeal.
  1. Wearing a foundation with SPF. Most makeup products include sun protection factor (SPF) to protect your skin on a daily basis. However, on your wedding day, stick to traditional foundation. Foundation with SPF has ingredients that cause your face look white in flash photography. If you are having wedding outdoors, it is advised to wear sunscreen underneath your foundation rather than applying it on top of your foundation.
  1. Going for too dramatic eye makeup. Eye makeup is important but overdoing it makes you look different. Smoldering eyes appears good in person but not in photos while smoky eyes cast shadow around the eyes in photographs. To make you appear beautiful in photos, most makeup artists recommend going for a soft and subtle eyes. To achieve that kind of eye makeup, select the right kind of shade that will enhance your eye color.

It is also recommended to use cream shadow as your base color for it stays longer than powder. Avoid wearing black eyeliner and eye shadow. The only black makeup to apply on is the mascara. Professional makeup artists suggest these colors: brown, gray, navy and deep purple in making your eyes look soft and glamorous.

  1. Forgetting your eyebrows. Your eyebrows frame your eyes that affect the entire look of your face. To achieve well-defined eyebrows, professionally waxed them a week before your wedding to prevent rash or unsightly red bumps. Follow the natural shape of your brows with a brow powder that matches your hair color.
  1. Not using waterproof makeup. Wearing waterproof mascara and eye shadow are necessary so as not to ruin your makeup especially if you could not hold back your tears during the ceremony. It is suggested to dab your tears and avoid wiping them for it will destroy your makeup.
  1. Wearing lipstick or lip gloss. Professional makeup artists prefer using lip stain instead of lipstick or lip gloss for a long-lasting lip color. Lip gloss does not stay long enough. If you are planning to wear a veil that covers your face, it is not advisable to use lip gloss for the veil will stick on your lips. Meanwhile, wearing too shiny lipstick loses definition in your pictures and leaves glare.
  1. Neglecting your body’s color to match your face. The face skin tone should match your body’s skin tone. If you are wearing a gown that reveals your skin (i.e. shoulders, arms or back), it is necessary to even your skin tone using a body makeup that goes well with your face makeup.
  1. Getting facial treatment few days before the big day. Do not schedule your facials few days before your wedding day. It is advised to have your facial done three or four months before your wedding so when the big day comes, your skin appears radiant and glowing.


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