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Avoid These Common Mistakes In Ironing Your Hair

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Styling your hair using flat iron is an easy way to keep your hair straight and sassy without going to the salon. This tool allows women especially the busy ladies who are always on the go to save time and money while making their hair don a style that they want for that day. However, flat iron or heat styling tool has a reputation of damaging the locks. Avoid these common mistakes to get that stylish hair without compromising the health of your crowning glory.

  1. Skipping hair protection
    Before you use any heat styling products, you should always apply a heat protectant spray to keep your hair from getting damaged as well as eliminating frizz. It also increases smoothness to your hair. Spray it onto clean, damp hair for protection.
  1. Ironing hair while it is damp
    This is one of the common mistakes women do when they iron their tresses. This habit is a no-no. When you hear sizzling sound or see steam while using this heat styling product, it means you are burning your hair. Ensure that your hair completely dry before using that dependable flat iron.
  1. Setting the heat all the way up
    Setting the temperature too high damages your locks. Be kind and gentle to your hair by setting the temperature between 300 to 400 depending on the thickness of your hair. That’s the safest way to go.
  1. Going too low heat temp
    If too high temp hurts your hair, the same holds true when you put it on too low. Never set the temperature at its lowest for it will require you to run over the same strand repetitively causing your hair to become weak. It also breaks your hair. A medium to high temp setting will save you time.
  1. Not allowing your hair to cool down
    Cooling your hair down is vital in prepping your hair style. Let your hair cool down after you have done ironing them.
  1. Pulling the iron down as you straighten your hair
    Avoid ironing your hair straight down parallel to your face. This will make your hair flat. Hair looks better with volume. Add some volume to your locks by pulling hair upwards to give a boost at the crown, making your hair straight yet donning with body. You can also do this by moving your arm in a C shape as you proceed down the hair and bend the ends under.
  1. Not sectioning your hair.
    It is important to section your hair when ironing because it will help work on it more efficiently. If you do not section your hair, it can cause hair damage from trying to iron a portion that is too thick or ironing the same hair multiple times. Section your tresses by splitting your hair in the middle at the back and bringing it forward.
  1. Not cleaning your iron
    If you iron your hair on a regular basis, residue and dirt build up due to the use of styling products and protectant sprays. The residues will affect on how smoothly your flat iron operates, causing your hair to snagged or burnt. Clean your iron regularly using water and rubbing alcohol or lukewarm water with a cloth over the iron’s surface. Make sure that it is dried completely before using it again.
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