Be Aware of Bee Glue’s Health Benefits

Everyone knows that bees make honey — that super sticky and super sweet superfood. Did you know that those buzzing flyers also make a substance known as bee glue? Also sometimes referred to as “propolis”, it is something that offers numerous health benefits, according to scientists who conducted studies on it.

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Put simply, bee glue is that gunk manufactured and employed by bees in varnishing honeycombs as well as for filling and sealing crevices. Dark red or brown in color, it is made from various ingredients that bees obtain from plants.

Just like honey, bee glue is also highly beneficial for humans. More than 300 active biological compounds found in it make bee glue one of the most awesome panacea known to man. Here are some of the many, many perks that bee glue is capable of offering, based on many different scientific investigations:

It Encourages Lowering of the Blood Pressure

Hypertensive and pre-hypertensive people alike can benefit tremendously from bee glue. According to scientists, it’s for the fact that this substance is capable of encouraging the body to utilize nitric oxide more effectively. A type of gas, nitric oxide helps make the blood vessels dilate, which then causes the blood pressure to lower.

It Helps Keep Bone Mineral Loss at Bay

Osteoporosis is a bone disease that is common among the elderly due to hormonal reasons. No one wants to wind up battling such problem because it can make the bones brittle, making them prone to breaking. Bee glue is said to ward off bone mineral loss, as well as encourage the formation of new bone cells.

It May Reduce a Person’s Risk of Deadly Cancer

Based on numerous studies, bee glue has the ability to prevent cancer cells from forming. More importantly, scientists say that this substance manufactured by bees is capable of promoting apoptosis. In layman’s terms, apoptosis is a process in which malignant cells commit suicide, and this helps in keeping cancer from spreading or progressing.

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It Zaps Unsightly and Contagious Warts

Tincture out of bee glue is proven to be a highly effective treatment for warts. While there are a number of all-natural remedies for warts that are just as good as pharmaceutical solutions, certain studies have shown that bee glue was so much faster in dealing with warts than most other remedies coming straight from nature.

It Boosts Performance Mentally and Physically

One of the many, many active compounds present in bee propolis is caffeic acid phenethyl ester or CAPE for short. Based on studies, CAPE has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, the combination of which can help in considerably reducing both physical and mental fatigue, which means that bee glue helps boost performance.

It Helps Reduce Allergic Reactions

People with allergies can take advantage of bee glue, experts say. It’s for the fact that the said substance is capable of suppressing the body’s release of histamine, which takes place as a response to allergic or inflammatory reactions. Bee glue, in other words, may be employed as an alternative to antihistamines sold at pharmacies.

It Encourages Healing of Burns

Based on a study conducted back in 2002, bee glue could help in speeding up the healing process of burns. It was revealed that bee glue is just as effective in treating minor burns as preparations containing silver sulfadiazine, which is a chemical that is commonly present in all sorts of burn ointments and creams.

It Keeps One’s Smile Beaming and Unforgettable

Last but not least, bee glue is not only good for securing honeycombs, but also fortifying a person’s pearly whites. That’s because its antibacterial properties help shield the teeth as well as the gums from microbial activity. Because of this, scientists say that bee glue may actually be used for treating gingivitis and periodontitis.

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