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Ayurveda Survival Tips for the Flu

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With the changing season comes the risk of feeling under the weather. This is not surprising as the sudden change in the weather can catch us unaware and, when our immune system is not working well, you will find that it is harder to combat possible viruses or bacteria in the body. Instead of relying on medications to treat the flu, why not go for Ayurvedic practices that will help combat this problem? Here are a few survival tips that you should take advantage of the next time you’re feeling a bit sick.


This spice is actually good for boosting your immune system which can help you fight off the flu. This is because turmeric contains anti-viral properties that will help protect you against any infection while at the same time, enhancing your digestion, your energy, and your mood too. Combine equal parts of turmeric powder and raw honey then ingest it.


This herb is often used to bring your stress levels down while enhancing your immune system. Considered as an adaptogenic herb, this is a good addition to your arsenal as it can help give your energy, stamina, and endurance which are important to combat the flu. This is a good option to consider if you want to be able to fight off flu the natural way.

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Giving yourself an Ayurvedic massage is one way to help you combat the flu as much as possible. The neurons on your skin can be aggravated by various environmental factors like stress, weather, clothing, traveling, and others. Using oil for massaging your skin can actually calm your nerves so it will still be capable of fighting off possible viruses that are lingering in your body.

Warm salt gargle

You can also use a warm salt gargle to help you loosen up mucus building up on your throat as well as germs and bacteria. For this treatment, you should dissolve about half a teaspoon of Himalayan salt in a cup of warm water. Gargle with this solution for 30 seconds then spit it out. You will need to do this twice a day when you’re stuck with a flu and once afterwards. This solution should be done when you have an empty stomach.

More sun

It is a good idea to have more sun as much as possible to improve your immune system. Take the time to spend 10 to 15 minutes outside in the morning to help elevate your energy levels as well as Vitamin D which is vital to your overall health.

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Stretch and breathe

You will need to train your muscles and your breathing too if you want to be able to combat flu naturally. Yoga is a good way to strengthen your muscles, releasing stress, and improving blood flow so you will be able to protect yourself from bacterial and viral infection.

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