Back Workout for Beginners

The back is one of the muscle groups people train during their workout session. In anatomy and physiology, the back supports the vertebrae, which protects the spinal cord. Also, a trained back supports the body’s posture, preventing injuries related to improper posture. Various back exercises can be done by both fitness experts and novice and the following are some of them.

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Front Lat Pulldown

The front lat pulldown is one of the beck workout beginners can do. According to Muscle and Strength, the person sets up the lat pulldown by attaching a wide grip bar to the machine. Next, he chooses the weight he wants to use and then adjusts the thigh pad. After that, the person grabs the bar with an overhand grip that is wider than the shoulder width. Then, he sits down on the machine, while holding the bar. The person also keeps his back straight, with his eyes facing forward, and without leaning back, he gradually pulls the bar to his upper chest, but without letting the bar touch the chest. Then, after a brief pause, the person lowers the weight back to the initial position, without letting the weight touch the stack. The exercise is done for the planned number of sets and repetitions.

Seated Cable Row

The seated cable row is another exercise beginners can do. Along with the back, it trains the biceps and the shoulders, and it uses an adjustable cable machine and a V-handle attachment, as per Muscle and Fitness.

To perform, the person sits at a low-pulley cable station. Next, he secures his feet on the platform and grabs the handle in an overhand grip. Then, he uses his legs and not his back and sits back with his arms extended while supporting the weight. Once ready, the person pulls the cable attachment towards his waist, with his torso stationary while he drives his elbows past his sides. Following a pause, the he squeezes his shoulder blades at the top of the movement. Then, he returns to the initial position. A good practice is to maintain the body upright and avoid leaning. The exercise is done for the planned number of sets and repetitions.


The deadlift is viewed by most fitness enthusiasts as the best exercise for the back, a counterpart to the barbell bench press for the chest and the barbell squats for the legs. According to My Protein, the exercise targets the lower back and works the large muscle group in the lower back.

To start, the person stands facing a barbell loaded with the desired weight, with his feet shoulder width apart. Next, he places the bar against his shins and bends his knees, keeping his back straight. Then, he reaches down and grasps the bar with an overhand grip at shoulder width. Once ready, the person drives up through his heels and keeps his weight at the center and close to his body. A good practice is to face forward and keep the head in the same position throughout the exercise. After that, the person goes down , keeping the head in the same position and letting the bar touch the top of the legs to keep the weight at the center of gravity. This aids the person control his movement while holding the weight. Once the weight touches the ground, the person pauses and then repeats the movement for the planned number of sets and repetitions.

Overall, the back is responsible for supporting the body and its surrounding structures. Also, a well-trained back helps in executing proper posture; thus, it prevents injury. For both beginners and experts, total back development is achieved through constant training, proper nutrition, and adequate rest.

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