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Bad Dreams Begone: Tips on Avoiding Nightmares

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Are you superstitious? Then having nightmares must leave you feeling anxious the following day, constantly thinking about what your terrifying dream could signify. Even if you do not believe in superstitions, nightmares can still have a negative impact on your life. You may fear going back to sleep after awaking rattled from a nightmare, and this can leave you with daytime sleepiness the following day.

There are many different things that can put you at risk of having nightmares. Some of them include stress, anxiety and personal experiences. The environment and media can also bring you bad dreams. Experts say that certain personality traits make an individual more prone to having bad dreams. Some drugs are said to cause nightmares. Late-night eating can cause GI and metabolism issues, which may leave you with a horrifying dream.

Definitely, there is nothing fun about having a bad dream. So how can you keep at bay a menacing dream and assure yourself of a good night’s sleep? Here are some very simple things that you may try to dodge nightmares:


Keep Bedtime Snacking Light

It’s not a good idea to eat greasy and spicy foods just before hitting the sack. It’s only going to leave you with indigestion, and it can have an unfavorable effect on your dreams. Stay away from heavy meals and go for a light snack only, such as a piece of banana or cracker.

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Avoid Alcohol, Coffee and Smoking

Drinking alcohol especially in excessive amounts at night may give you vivid dreams, which are very much likely to turn into bloodcurdling ones. Caffeine in coffee and nicotine in cigarettes are substances that can have all sorts of effects on your sleep, so it’s a good idea to ditch drinking coffee and smoking before bedtime.


Dodge Scary Movies

If you are prone to having nightmares, it’s a good idea to refrain from watching a scary movie in bed. Also, try not to tune in to your favorite news network just before getting some Z’s because all of those horrifying reports or stories may only leave you with nightmares.


Try to Sleep on Your Side

Did you know that sleeping on your back can put you at risk of what’s known as sleep paralysis wherein you wake up but unable to move, and you feel like there’s a strange presence in your room? It’s for this reason why you should make it a habit to sleep on your side if you want to ensure yourself of a good night’s sleep.

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Set the Right Environment

Do some steps that can make your hours in dreamland as comfortable as possible. Make sure that your room is dim and quiet, and the temperature is just right — experts recommend making your room on the cool side. Investing in comfy pillows and mattress can also provide some benefits.


Adorn Your Room with Fresh Flowers

Experts say that pleasant smells can have a positive effect on your dreams, thus keeping a nightmare from striking. That’s why decorating your room with your favorite flowers can help shoo those bloodcurdling dreams. You may also count on essential oils if you find the price of fresh flowers spine-tingling.


Get Rid of Stress Effectively

We all know that stress is bad for your health. It’s also something that can manifest itself in the form of really awful dreams. No matter if your preferred tension-buster is having a massage, listening to music or doing yoga, dealing with stress can help lower your risk of having a nightmare.


Spread Some Love

Having ill feelings towards others won’t do you any good, and it’s something that can haunt you in your sleep in the form of gruesome dreams. Learn to forgive and spread some love. Also, don’t forget to love yourself. Nothing can give you peaceful nights more than living a life that’s filled with positivity and love.

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